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on June 28th, 2018

The renowned cafe racer motorcycle has retained its popularity since its inception. In fact, it has made a massive comeback in the past few years with the hipster style motorcyclists. Interestingly, it is one of those motorcycles which have its root engrossed deeply in the 1960 British counterculture. It is also interesting to note that the Cafe Racer bikes became the must-have riding machines among world-renowned motorcycle groups. In this context, it is interesting to note that a café racer is a lightweight and lightly powered motorcycle which has been optimized for higher efficiency in handling and attains greater speeds. However, it is not a motorcycle which would present to your comfort. Café Racers can be easily distinguished within a crowd because of their visual minimalism and low mounted handlebars. They often sport knee-grips indented in the fuel tank to present style.

The breed of cafe racers have never experienced the decline in their popularity

Today’s term of café riders not only describes these unique machines but a style of a motorcycle rider. This type has a preference for Vintage British and Japanese motorcycles from the 1950’s to 1970’s. Interestingly, the riders of the cafe racer bikes are also known as coffee bar cowboys. However, they do not look like the rockers of the bygone era. These riders dress today in a more comfortable and modern style, and you would hardly find any hint of the rock style that they used to exude in the past. Style and fashion are ever-changing words, and this holds true for cafe racers too. These days, they don Levi’s jeans with vintage motorcycle jackets. Phenomenally, they also blend style elements from American Rider and British Rocker trends. All in all, these riders are fashionable and they spend quite a lot on maintaining their looks while they are on the road with their speed machines.


The enticing Ace Café in London

With the Cafe Racer motorcycle, came the Ace Café. It is an old transport café situated at Stonebridge in London. It was destroyed during an air raid in the First World War but was again rebuilt. As this café was open 24 hours a day, it started to attract a lot of bike enthusiasts. A large number of young people began to show up at the Ace Café to mingle with others. The Ace Café of today has been refurbished, and bikers from all over the world go to The Ace to hear legendary stories and fix their bikes.


Café Racer Style- The cult of cool

Old Rockers or the riders of Café Racers may be a little confused about the fashion’s world adoption of their style as being iconic. However, there is no point in denying the fact that the patch covered, studded and sleeveless denim jackets since long have raised quite a few eyebrows. The usual accessories of coffee bar cowboys usually comprise of articulated trousers coupled with denim wear on the top. Coated linens along with Henley’s and bandanas are also a hot favorite among a majority of cafe racer enthusiasts.

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Style guide for the café racers

When it comes to the style guide for the cafe racers, there are always tradeoffs. For instance, racing leathers would still excel in facilitating a more significant amount of style and personality to the rider. Phenomenally, they can also provide you with the highest level of protection. Similarly, a pair of vintage denim jeans would not just seem like a viable cafe racer wear; it would also epitomize that you take your riding seriously. Here is the list of ultimate style guide for café racer styled bikes.

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Apart from their great practicality, they also go a great way in ensuring that you exude style when you are ripping through the streets on your café racer. Also, they are quite beneficial in rendering your hands with a good grip. Their practicality in cold weather conditions cannot be ignored and would protect your hand from external weather conditions like blisters, hailstorm, and snow. As the café racer styled bikes have low handlebars, it is always important that the glove you are wearing fits your hand in a snug manner. Moreover, the riding gloves for café racers are also available in various gradations of thickness and weight and would always make a great accessory.

Biker outfits

It is a widely accepted fact that bikers often use leather clothing as it is durable and abrasion resistant. Phenomenally, the leather blazers are getting favorite day by day. A lot of café racer enthusiasts usually carry a lot of riding jackets as well as blazers. On the other hand, riding in extremely cold conditions would be beneficial in case if you have jackets with you. Interestingly, you can also opt for various synthetic fibers which would always be great in case you are searching for viable outfits.

Visibility of the outfits

The clothes you wear when riding on cafe racers would help you to be more visible in the traffic. In case you are wearing dark clothing, the second retro-reflective vests would always be helpful. It is also a good idea to use inexpensive reflectorized tape in your bikes as well as garments. Jackets can also act as viable riding gears in case you want to exude a classy and trendy look. A windproof jacket would also help you to take care of subnormal temperature.


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