About Us

Columnm.com was started in 2016 as an automotive ensemble that is dedicated to covering cars, motorcycles, automotive travel, gear and culture that signifies the last 100-years of human engineering and progress with machines.

We are an online platform that curates and creates the best there is in motoring from around the world. We at ColumnM, love all forms of motoring, and the experiences that come with it. While we primarily cover classic cars, supercars, custom motorcycles, motorcycle touring, grand touring, automotive photography and films and automotive gear, we occasionally delve into the inevitable electric future that is lined up for petrolheads like us and our readers.

Over the last 100-years, motoring has evolved from its nascent rudimentary form to high-precision engineered machines. Today, while the automobile is at the helm of technological prowess, automotive industry on a whole is on the verge of a major phase shift, where the beloved internal combustion engines that have fueled a century-old machine culture are soon to be assigned to the history books.

While many of us automotive enthusiasts cringe at the fact that electricity will soon be the driving force behind automobiles instead of fossil fuels, we choose to celebrate and bask in the rich heritage of petroleum-powered automobiles! What we have mapped for us the in the future is inevitable, so the best we can do is rejoice the current and the past. At ColumnM.com we do just that.