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    April 14th, 2016

    Nothing transpires the old world classic charm than a finely maintained Alfa Romeo, considered to be among the sexiest cars ever designed, the Alfa Romeo cars have enjoyed incredible appeal in the hearts of petrolheads since decades. One such stunning beauty from the Italian company’s history, an Alfa Romeo 1300GT Junior spreads her magic at the classic car dealership in Lisbon known as Cool & Vintage. Now these blokes know their stuff well and are a passionately creative lot who create unmatched content to suit the charm and aura of the cars present at the dealership.

    Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Windscreen


    And when you have something as timelessly gorgeous as an Alfa Romeo 1300GT Junior you have to do justice to her sensual beauty and her classic fast pace design. Knowing the importance of job at hand, the smart people at Cool & Vintage took this utterly gorgeous car to a beach front where the sun had already started to prepare for calling it the day. The car shimmering in the setting sun was accompanied by an equally gorgeous girl who portrayed the exact carefree vibe of the 70’s wearing classic football shorts and socks and a plain jacket in blue.


    Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior

    It was bound to be a breathtaking photo shoot that brought back the greatest times of the world in an utterly intimate manner, the Alfa Romeo 1300GT Junior and her carefree beauty, both immersed in the serene tranquility of a setting sun and a sea shore. The photographer has tastefully captured the intimacy shred by the car and her passenger. What these blokes have managed to do is to take us back in those times which our forefathers so lovingly talk about and have given us a chance to have a glimpse of those long gone times.


    Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Rear View


    Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Seats

    If you are as captivated as us while looking at these fabulous photos then let us tell you that you can find even more drool worthy stuff at the WEBSITE of Cool & Vintage and also at their FACEBOOK and VIMEO addresses. They would love to see you there. Drive Safe!


    Alfa romeo 1300 GT Junior Bonnet


    Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Cabin


    Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Front Seats

    Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Rear Tyre

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