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on February 25th, 2020

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A new decade is upon us and what better way to start it than with new motorcycle attachments? Just like new apparel is introduced and constantly updated at department stores for every season, the same thing can be said and done with motorcycles. Sure, you can keep your bike looking like it was from the day you bought it but you can also update it like how fashion trends have always been updated as the years go by. Your motorcycle is an extension of you and should be treated as such.

The awesome thing about motorcycles is that you can literally make it your own unique build. A build that started off in your imagination and ended up as a reality, a bike that is 100% you. Sure, it’s branded but the after-market potential is insane and plenty of fun. You can buy a stock bike from the dealer then in a matter of a few attachments and time spent in a metal shop, that same bike can become totally unrecognizable and totally suited to fit you and your personal aesthetic taste.


Do you like black leather seats? Maybe even velvet? Or polyester? It doesn’t matter, there’s a market for all of that like over at Corbin. And if there isn’t, you can make your own. Motorcycles are an endless imagination pit that can be brought to life.


Don’t like how your headlamp looks? Swap it out for what looks cooler to you, a great choice is Kuryakyn 2249 or the more cost-efficient Eagle Lights 8700G2 as they both combine the classic shape of a biker headlamp and modern LED technology built-in for ultimate visibility. Whether it’s halogen, LED, slanted or rounded, we’re lucky to live in a time where you can visit a forum full of like-minded bikers on how to remove or replace parts on your specific unit.

Saddlebags/Swing Arm Bags

Storage compartments are another huge detail. Motorcyclists need to keep their biker gear and other necessities with them on the go. There is an abundance of different styles, brands, sizes, etc. whether its a sissy bar bag or a swing arm bag, there is something for everyone. A great catalog for cargo bags is what the folks over at Viking bags have to offer, whether you like the classic studded biker look, or the smooth subtle plain leather-look, etc. You’re able to personalize your ride the way you want with the generous amount of options available.


Don’t be boring and go out and make you and your bike as expressive as possible. Give your bike some life, a personality. Make your bike completely your own and be proud of it. Don’t hesitate to purchase that helmet that has been on your cart for months now. For 2020, helmets like the Shoei Neotec 2 (a bit on the pricey side, but expected for excellent quality) or Klim TK1200 is rated as the best to have due to their transitioning lenses, ventilation, and moisture-wicking capabilities.

Motorcycle Jackets

Textile jackets for the new year like Viking Cycle’s Incognito Textile hoodie, or the classic biker looking leather angel fire jacket, either one is a total go-to for they provide premium protection against impacts and abrasions whilst keeping the wearer ventilated and aesthetically tasteful. When searching for motorcycle riding jackets, make sure to look for ones with proper ventilation, CE approved armor on key areas, and that it’s a proper fit so your range of motion isn’t impaired.


You’re going to need gloves for those cold rides as well, go pick up some correct GX Air 4 gloves, or the more cost-efficient yet durable Viking Gauntlet gloves, either way, you can go wrong. Also, they both sell for under $40. The point is, stop wishing and start doing. Your bike is sitting there waiting for you to play around with and to be pushed to its maximum potential cosmetically and mechanically. It’s a fresh start to a new year and decade, so make your bike be reborn again.

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