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on October 28th, 2017

While my recent 2-day trip to the hills of Munnar in the Western Ghats of India was absolutely fantastic, there were a few things that could have been better that would have lifted the whole experience to a completely different level. Firstly, was the choice of car. While I would have certainly not minded something more powerful than the rather humble Ford Figo, what I missed the most on these roads was a car with higher ground clearance. The more and more I have recently gotten to drive around urban and rural India, the more I feel that one is home with an SUV or something that has higher ground clearance. This is due to the variety of road surfaces that we have at our disposal, that goes from smooth pieces of tarmac to bumpy, broken and unpaved sections within just a few corners anywhere around the country. Unfortunately, by the time we finalised our trip with Zoomcar, all the proper SUVs and even the Ford EcoSport had already been booked. Second, was the choice of lenses for my camera. In particular, I was really missing out on a wide angle lens, which would have been such an amazing thing to have for capturing the majestic views of the hills and valleys of Munnar. Thankfully, my iPhone came in for rescue for capturing some of the breathtaking panoramas that we encountered in our two days of travelling the region.

Special mentions to:

Preeya for letting me steal her photos.

Mistletoe for their lovely hospitality (you can see a panorama of how it looks from their homestay below)

Zoomcar for the well-maintained and mechanically sound Ford Figo.

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