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on October 19th, 2016

Ferrari officially ends relationship with Manual Gearbox

The death of the manual gearbox is ever inching closer and closer. With the world’s best cars that should have been shifting manually dwindling in numbers, the humble manual might settle down for cheap entry level commuters. The great manual gearboxes have been residing deeper into the endangered category for long now. With prominent manufacturers of the sporty kind already written them off, rest would sooner or later follow. The latest car maker who has ended its long relationship with the manual gearbox is Ferrari. At the recently concluded Paris Motor Show, Michael Hugo Leiters, Maranello’s CTO claimed that they have given up on the manual due to performance issues.

Ferrari says, it stands for epitome of design, performance and state of the art technologies. Sadly, there’s no manual transmission that can beat Ferrari’s shifting expectations. Thus it was decided that the prancing horse will take services of the double-clutch gearbox only. To be true, it does not surprise us, over the years the automatic gearboxes have become incredibly precise and fast. They have also become a lot more engaging as well at the same time.

Ferrari officially ends relationship with Manual Gearbox

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This is mainly the reason why makers like Lamborghini have also moved to the realm of dual-clutch setups. McLaren refrains itself from the manual-shifter, while Mercedes haven’t used manuals in its sportscars since long now.  Now with Ferrari, the epitome of Sportscar world has officially given up on the manual gearbox as well.

If you are a heel-toe lover, we truly feel your pain. But there is still light at the end of the tunnel. There is still Porsche. Porsche knows our pain and that there are customers who want that shift-it-yourself driving nirvana. This is the reason why Porsche has vowed to offer manuals for years to come. The great blokes at Porsche say that they will build manual gearboxes for as long as their customer base demands them. However, let us be realists here, this won’t be forever. On day, there will be none left. One day they will be confined to history and the folklore. That day is not today, and that is a good thing.

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