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November 27th, 2015

Nothing beats a great cup of joe in the morning, unless that cup of coffee comes from a brewer that is as artful as it is useful, which is the case with the IIKONE Mk1 Coffee Brewer. Apart from being visually striking and looking more like a sculpture/ weapon / spaceship landing on a flask pouring coffee, the Iikone brewer not only allows you to watch your coffee drip through the exposed cone-shaped filter, which is held in place with a specially designed ring.

Iikone Coffee Brewer in kitchen

Iikone Coffee BrewerIt’s crafted using high-gloss, medical-grade stainless steel that has not only been CNC cut but machined and polished. Because the filter is unbarred it allows for unfettered access to the grounds, resulting in a better, fuller brew which is less bitter than other traditional or classic manual pour over brewers allowing the process go undisturbed by uneven surface tension.

Industrial designer and passionate home barista, Bartosz Garlinski, has created this one-of-its-kind pour over coffee brewer. It’s compatible with popular 6-10 cup round or rectangular filters, as well as conical metal filters. The package comes in a beautiful hand-made wooden case, including the brewer, and the smaller boxes containing the top ring and a set of paper filters.

The IIKONE Brewer will be available for $699 on the company’s website.

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