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on March 6th, 2017

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Out of many feelings of owning a Ducati Diavel, we reckon, having your motorcycle turbocharged would be a farfetched one. The Diavel is profoundly powerful and has a tendency to exist in the bonkers side of things. Thus, when custom motorcycle builders Pro Twin were asked to make a turbocharged motorcycle out of it, they were psyched. The owner wanted to have a turbocharged motorcycle made out of his Diavel for some time. However, Pro Twin had some scheduling for other custom motorcycle projects so the owner of the Diavel had to wait. The Diavel arrived in Pro Twin garage to be transformed into a turbocharged motorcycle of menacing proportions, and the team precisely knew they had to build custom motorcycle parts in order for other parts to function appropriately. The result is this – Pro Twin Turbocharged Ducati Diavel.

The idea behind the Pro Twin Turbocharged Ducati Diavel was to create a turbocharged motorcycle that would be strong, smooth while still being easy to ride. Pro Twin also wanted the bike to have no turbo lag and something that can become an instant beast with slightest of throttle flicks. The Australian blokes at Pro Twin knew that for this Ducati Diavel they could not have used the usual motorcycle turbocharger kits off shelf and one had to be fabricated. Good thing was, Pro Twin was not new to the world of turbocharged motorcycle and once they had a proper plan jotted down, the work on the Diavel began. Once the perfect size turbocharger was arranged and required stainless steel mandrels procured, fabrication work began.

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The design of the pipework was set after fabrication, it was now time for Pro Twin to get its custom intake plenum. For the same, a cardboard template was created leading to a nicely fitting final output made of aluminium sheet metal. The design was kept very close to the original with a Tial blow off valve mounted to the plenum placed nicely under the factory side cover. Next was the final build step of the Diavel’s plumbing.

The whole design of the Pro Twin Turbocharged Ducati Diavel was kept neat for even with the plumbing for water and oil for the turbocharger. Other important upgrades were on the fuel pump and injectors while a new software update was given to the ECU. The whole effort meant that after all the tuning work was over, this Pro Twin Turbocharged Ducati Diavel was already producing 100bhp additional power, taking the output to 237bhp and 165Nm of torque. Watch this Pro Twin Turbocharged Ducati Diavel showing off all this power upgrade in the video below.

Video source – Pro Twin

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