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on April 15th, 2019

I have been following European classic car affairs for quite sometime now. Ever since I saw the Abarth Monoposto being discovered for the first time by Classic Driver back in 2015, I knew that this was one of those cars that I had to see, if I ever got a chance. That’s exactly what happened to me during August 2018 when I was visiting Turin as part of my 3-month Europe trip.

Turin as a city in itself is such an experience for the petrolhead. This Italian city has influenced car culture in every era of automotive history, and even does today. Being home to Abarth and Pininfarina, this city is the ideal place where you’d hope to find the pinnacle of engineering and design from the aforementioned brands. That’s exactly what I got while visiting Auto Classic in Moncalieri – the Abarth Monoposto.

The Abarth Monoposto was, is and will always be a marvel machine. Created by Abarth and Pininfarina, this experimental streamliner was build back in 1960 to showcase their engrossed interests in aerodynamics. The engine would be a small capacity 1,000cc unit that would produce 105 horsepower. But the main focus here would be the aero. The Abarth Monoposto would stretch 4.56 meters in length and would have a swooping body shape that would minimize drag. The result was an iconic car that would set 8 world records that included:

  • 72 hours at an average speed of 186.687 km/h
  • 12 hours at an average speed of 203.656 km/h
  • 2000 miles at an average speed of 201.115 km/h
  • 24 hours at an average speed of 198.795 km/h
  • 5000 km at an average speed of 199.238 km/h
  • 5000 miles at an average speed of 192.878 km/h
  • 48 hours at an average of speed 190.264 km/h
  • 10,000km at an average speed of 191.376 km/h

Auto Classic is a family owned business that is embedded in the Italian automotive industry. Since the company setup shop in 1969,
Luciano Bertolero, the founder, was close with other automotive institutions in Turin while also being an avid Ferrari expert. This is clear in the tasteful collection of cars you see in the video below which include rarities like the 1-of-2 Bizzarini P538s that were fitted with a Lamborghini V12, a 1-of-15 Ferrari 250 GT coachbuilt by Drogo and some very special (and rare) cars that I was told not to speak or document on camera. That said still, I think we have enough photos and video evidence that Auto Classic has a taste in cars that’s not very easy to match anywhere in the world.

Abarth Monoposto Gallery

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