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on April 17th, 2015

Not so long ago, we delivered news regarding Suzuki’s latest patent drawings for the turbocharged recursion concept. Now, the Japanese company has recently filed another set of patent applications for the same motorcycle with more details regarding the technology used via detailed illustrations.

While these patent filings are mainly for the technology that Suzuki would be using for their future motorcycles, there is still no concrete proof that it would put the Recursion concept to production.

Suzuki Recursion Concept Patent Drawing Showing The Air Intake

The drawing shows that the intercooler would draw air from the intakes present in the front fairing of the machine

The patents filed earlier gave helpful insights on the machine’s intercooler design and the positioning of the turbocharger along with it’s plumbing that would optimise weight and provide lower centre of gravity. This time around, the patent drawings describe the air intake ducts which would start from under the headlights at the front (from inside the half-cowl) and provide pressurised air to the intercooler.

While all the eagerness around a turbocharged engine from Suzuki will keep us making assumptions as to when the bike would make it’s confirmed appearance, or how it would look like in it’s final avatar, as of today, it’s still too soon to judge anything by just seeing the patent drawings and application filings. Even if Suzuki sets it’s mind on getting the motorcycle to production, there are still less likelihood that we would see it anytime this year.


Suzuki Recursion Concept Showcased At EICMA 2014 – Image Gallery

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