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on March 17th, 2017

It is a beautiful feeling to ride up the mountains and do the best you loving doing- to ride a motorcycle. All of us enjoy seeing a motorcycle with a big engine going up the mountains and splashing dirt on every corner they take. It is one of those wow moments, which is so very provocative and cool in its own way. I love what I do and I do it for a reason. Being happy, delighted and accepting the challenges with each single day makes me want to do it again and again improvising every single time. It was one such challenging experience I have had when I took my Ducati Scrambler up the mountains to Leh and beyond. The place where humanity is rare and seeing a well-built tarmac roads is a privilege.

Ducati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh

Riding this beautiful Ducati Scrambler up the mountains and back and going through some of the toughest of the terrains was a great feeling. I felt accomplished. The feeling of accomplishment though could have turned out to be one disaster if I wouldn’t have had some knowledge about what all I can do in the critical situations.

I am sure you guys would have a lot of questions about what all should be taken care of in order to be safer than being sorry.

Comfort FactorDucati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh 2

The Ducati Scrambler has been a comfortable motorcycle all over on my trip. Be it a proper off roading or crossing the streams I managed doing it all with great ease and ample power.

It is necessary that you be comfortable on whatever motorcycle you take up the mountains. With ample power at your disposal things might at times go out of hand specially on loose gravel, and muddy patches. We always have this tendency that the motorcycle will take care of us with its gizmos and control which work every second to give you that riding pleasure. This in-turn makes us a bit ignorant of the speed. With superior quality of ride comfort and refinement we never realise the speed we are on in-turn making it fatal. Always ride on a speed that you feel comfortable and in-control. Riding like a maniac would take you nowhere but the grave.

Eliminating the unwantedDucati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh 21

Being light is the name of the game when it comes to prepping your motorcycle for one epic ride.  A stock motorcycle is made keeping in mind the ideal conditions that the company thinks that you would take the motorcycle on. Every terrain and every person riding a motorcycle is different therefore making it difficult for the company to give you exactly what YOU would be needing for the kind of riding you do.

It is necessary to eliminate the parts that wouldn’t add great value to the motorcycle while you ride up the mountains. Lighter the motorcycle easier it is to manage during the tough times.

Preliminary checks, repairs and maintenanceDucati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh 211

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. I guess this very much applies out here too. Riding the motorcycle on some of the toughest of the terrains would mean it would need regular checks and timely maintenance. It is best to know the key areas on your motorcycle that might need a regular check. A drive chain for example would need a regular check on the slackness, cleaning and lubing. It is best to have the owner’s manual handy while touring. If you can visit the Service Centre and spend a day there to know how are things fixed and/or how can you take care of the regular maintenance that’s the best a man/women riding a motorcycle can get.

Basic off-roading skillsDucati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh 113

Before riding up the mountains, it is important to be comfortable with the motorcycle. The motorcycle when delivered to you is made and conditioned keeping in mind a normal use. Riding it in a different terrain and at different speeds would necessary need understanding of the technologies.

Ducati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh 133

Riding the Ducati Scrambler up the mountains.

Ducati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh 2016 Ducati Scrambler to Leh Ladakh 2016 2

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