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    January 9th, 2016

    Getting your bike ‘inked’ never got this filling. That brings us to yet another version of a 1980 Roast Moto Honda CX500. Well yeah, even we noticed the tank at the first look that gave us a tip-off of various ink artists out there. We said why not, even though Roast Moto loves to design and build on their one-of-its-kind motto and styling, they believe in undifferentiated opinion between an artist and a motorcycle enthusiast. How?

    1982 Honda CX500 by Roast Moto Right Side Profile

    Well, they collaborate with you to give ‘your own’ personal touch to the bike by providing with all the mechanical know-hows and challenge you to break the chain of buying mass-produced machines. Hence, they prefer calling themselves as a community where like-minded people meet and exchange their ideas, favors by stepping ahead to support each other to get that perfect, personalized build. Like this Roast moto Honda CX500. How thoughtful, isn’t it?

    1982 Honda CX500 by Roast Moto Rear

    So, for this build, the wheels were powdered coated in semi-gloss black were hit with Firestone rubber along with matching black and grey themed seat for that vintage look and to contradict the bike’s modern niceties. Speaking of modern ins and outs, while the more efficient-than-stock aluminum Mishimoto radiator accompanied the raw-looking exhaust bends made out of a pie-cut 1.75’’ stainless steel, the stock carburetors were out and Mikuni’s were in.

    More CX500

    Sacha Lakic Honda CX500 Cafe Racer right side with designer

    Honda CX500 Cafe Racer by Sacha Lakic

    The beautiful art on the tank was hand-painted by an artist called Zidekahedron, never to be repeated. Learn more here.
    1982 Honda CX500 by Roast Moto Tank and Engine 1982 Honda CX500 by Roast Moto Tank Art 1982 Honda CX500 by Roast Moto Front Tank view 1982 Honda CX500 by Roast Moto Tank Top View 1982 Honda CX500 by Roast Moto Tank

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