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Rancho Santana is a name that commands respect thanks to its luxury properties. With The Inn on block, expect nothing less than swathing interiors and comfy amenities—only with the tag of being secluded. The hotel comes with 17 rooms and you will be stunned at how long the driveway exactly it. From brickwork ceilings inspired by the boveda style of Spain to the staircases that come with hand-painted tiles, there is a splash of art around The Inn on the insides.  Breathe in fresh air thanks to the natural ambience that is topped up with a huge sized Albizia Saman tree.

Sprawling over 2700 acres of forest land, The Inn is surrounded by the Pacific coastline. Located about 85 miles away from Mangua Airport, this south-western Nicaraguan resort helps you escape the fast beat-up lifestyle you might have had. History buffs can explore the nearby city of Granada that is only 50 miles away. A rich cultural spot and a fave pick for surfers too, The Inn comes as a surprise  for travellers who always undermined Nicaragua.

Looking Into The Inn

Rancho Santana Tola Nicaragua Room View

If you are hit by the secluded travel bug then you could check into one of the five properties that are available on beachfront. You get to pick from those with black sand and those with pink sand too! Now now, let us remind you that Rancho Santana is a protected hub for turtles too. Therefore, you will have lot more to see than you ever imagined an isolated spot to offer.Rancho Santana Tola Nicaragua Lobby

Rancho Santana Tola Nicaragua Interior Rancho Santana Tola Nicaragua Outdoor Poolside Rancho Santana Tola Nicaragua Beach

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