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on November 1st, 2017

For the thriving enthusiast, Porsche is setting up an opportunity of a lifetime to explore the world. Starting May 2018, the Porsche World Expedition will be taking participants on an incredible journey that covers six continents while going through 20 different countries in a Porsche Cayenne. This expedition will bring participants face to face with every sort of terrain and variety of driving challenges amidst some of the most beautiful natural experiences as the Porsche Cayennes travel across snow, sand, tarmac, gravel and desert. The Porsche World Expedition will take place over 80 days, where participants will travel more than 30,000km around the world in six different stages, one for each continent travelled more information here.

Australia – Starting May 11, 2018, the teams and their Porsche Cayennes will start the 5,000km first leg from Brisbane to Perth across the Australian outback.

Europe – Coming back home, the Porsche World Expedition starts from the North Cape in Norway and drives down to Porsche’s home turf at Zuffenhausen, Germany. From here, the adventures continue to Italy, only to continue and end the European leg on a high note with a view of Mont Blanc, France.

Africa – Probably the most gruelling leg of the Porsche World Expedition where participants get onboard their Porsche Cayennes in Johannesburg and then head up north Tanzania via the jungles of Botswana and Zambia. That said, this part of the expedition would be nothing short of an African safari that would take participants through some amazing wildlife on the continent.

Central America – Starting from the Yucatan Peninsula to the jungles of Panama, this leg of the Porsche World Expedition will take drivers through the Mayan heartland, to the jungles of Belize, into the smoking volcanoes of Guatemala, on to Nicaragua and its beautiful colonial towns and towards the Panama Canal.

South America – The fourth part of the expedition goes from Peru to Argentina, where participants would encounter sand dunes, salt plains, gravel roads and breathtaking mountain passes. Consider this as a behind the scenes exploration of all the insanity that goes into a stage of the Dakar Rally.

South East Asia –  The Porsche World Expedition will go through Bangkok, passing Laos and its historical sites, palaces and temples, and into the Himalayas and the Chinese Shangri-La.

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