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Yacouba recently gave the world their first glimpse of the Feline One concept, that looks inspired from the futuristic motorcycles from the movies. While there is nothing new about such concept motorcycles being showcased here and there, this one will be actually going into production and is expected to be for sale by 2016.

According to the company, the Feline One concept will be launched with a 801 cc, three-cylinder engine producing 170 bhp of power, transferred to the road via a six speed gearbox. And with a weight of just 155 kg, it would do much more than just crossing the 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, but deliver 1097 bhp per tonne.

Yacouba Feline One Concept Motorcycle Front and rear thee quarters

Unlike many concepts, the Feline One will actually be manufactured

Beneath the unique bodywork is a futuristic frame that is constructed mainly out of carbon fibre. The wheels, body, swingarm, girder forks and parts of the frame are all made out of carbon fibre, the main reason behind the incredibly light weight. For Braking, the Feline One would employ a 4-disc array at the front with 230 mm rotors. For the rear, there will be a single-disc system with a 220 mm rotor providing the braking force.

Yacouba Galle, the designer responsible for Feline One, said: ‘For 10 years I tested the best machines around the world and my conclusion has been to make a synthesis of two worlds : the best that I encountered and my vision of the motorbike of the future, FELINE was born!’

Yacouba Feline One Rear Right Three Quarters

Extensive use of carbon fibre on various parts of the body and chassis keep the weight down to just 155 kg

For such engineering and use of exquisite materials, there is of course a heavy price associated. The Feline One might get a large number of admirers over the world, but its actual buyers won’t be so many, as it would be priced around $280,000. But that’s is fine with Yacouba since the company plans to manufacturer in limited numbers.

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