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on October 17th, 2016

TwinSpark Is Where Classic Porsche 911 Restorations Are Done Right

We are living in an era where classic cars are making a strong comeback. It has led to a strong rise in enthusiasm and understanding for classic cars and has even brought in a boom to classic car events like Monterey. It is a great time for those who thrive inside this particular ecosystem by providing services for certain obsolete generation of machines that require specific knowledge and precise knowhow of how it’s mechanicals function. It is a lucrative business, which many establishments such as Singer Vehicle Design have already been pursuing classic Porsche 911 restoration for quite some time. However, due to the explosion in interest for older, rarer cars there are many establishments who not necessarily have the proper skill sets for the job have also gotten into the business for making a quick buck.

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing body

Classic cars for restoration can come in any shape or form

Another problem with restoring classic cars is the limited resources, specially when it comes to original parts. So, in quite a few cases, parts have to be made that can either mimic the original or make their performance better to omit the incompetencies of the original. Combining these problems together, there are quite a few cases out there of not-so-well-known classic Porsche 911 restorers who do a shoddy, make-shift job that is sub standard, decreasing the lifespan of the machine’s functionality while adding to the overall service and maintenance expenses over a period of time. This is where Holland-based TwinSpark racing create a unique space for themselves when it comes to rebuilding classic Porsche 911s.

TwinSpark racing was laid out by two Porsche enthusiasts Leonard Stolk and Lex Proper back in 2010. Leonard races a 1974 911 RSR while Lex competes in an 1975 911 RSR. It wasn’t long before both of them understood the potential of their knowledge of classic Porsches and FIA-spec competition cars, eventually leading them to start their own workshop under the same brand banner. Here, the duo would not only undertake classic Porsche 911 restorations for those who wanted to take their machines racing, but also for those who wanted to have a great car for road use and general trackdays.

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing 2

A recent 911 re-build by TwinSpark

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing interior

clean elegant Porsche 911 restoration

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing instrumentation

TwinSpark like to leave their mark inside the speedo on their Porsche 911 restoration

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing REar Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing interior 3

One of the major issues with older Porsche 911s that were build during the early 70s (1972 onwards) was that while the German automaker increase the engine displacement from 2.2-litres to 2.4-litres, the gearbox was still left unchanged. This gearbox model 901 wasn’t really that well-equipped to handle the extra power and torque. As a result Porsche came up with an updated 915 transmission, which was better at handling the power and torque but would still hesitate in properly shifting when it was cold. The 915 transmission stayed on naturally aspirated Porsche 911s till 1987 when it was finally replaced by the more efficient G50 transmission.

TwinSpark Racing specialises in restoring these run out 901 and 915 model gearboxes. An essential part of classic Porsche 911 restoration is the transmission, which after properly getting special replacement parts (or rebuilds depending on the wear) by TwinSpark is properly capable of handling the horsepower without any snag. TwinSpark use their special WEVO inserts to restore the ports and apertures. The company is the only one who can do this kind of modification the 915 gearbox in Europe and the only one in the world who can work to this extent on the 901 transmissions.

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing workshop

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing workshop

A surgically clean & organised work floor at TwinSpark

Apart from restoring classic 911 gearboxes in the proper way that they should, TwinSpark also undertakes complete engine rebuilding. Since Lex and Leonard have themselves been racing (and winning) in Porsche 911s for sometime now, they know exactly how to build a championship winning engine. In fact their ’74 Carrera 3.0 RSR has won the FIA 1966-1981 GT/TC Class in 2011 and again in 2014. Apart from rebuilding performance-oriented RSR engines for racing drivers, the duo have no problems in building road-going engines too. They would also source an engine incase you cannot find one on your own.

With some seriously amazing road and race-winning builds under their belts, TwinSpark racing know a thing or two about classic Porsche 911 restorations. A look into the company’s workshop and one can imagine the surgical precision due to which all this has been made possible. And if you are a resident of the BeNeLux region (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) then TwinSpark Racing would also be your exclusive go-to people for acquiring a Singer Vehicle Design built car, or even servicing one.

Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing underbody 5 Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing differential Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing underbody 4 Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing underbody 2 Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing underbody Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing Underbelly Porsche 911 Restoration TwinSpark Racing

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