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on April 12th, 2019

Car collections more often than not, have a unique story to tell that involves extravagance, obsession and sometimes a bit of extremism. This here, is one such story that comes from Cite de l’Automobile, one of the largest car collections in France. This French national automobile museum is also known as Collection Schlumpf, with regards to Hanz and Fritz Schlumpf, two brother who had an insatiable obsession for Bugatti cars.

Over the years before declaring bankruptcy, the Schlumpf brothers ruthlessly collected Bugatti cars and did everything to keep them hidden in their mills and warehouses to avoid prying eyes. Today, their collection of cars that still resides in one of their old factory compounds in Mulhouse, France, is the largest collection of Bugatti cars in the whole world. Have a watch at the incredible lineup of nearly 600 cars that today are a part of the French national heritage, of which 120 cars are Bugattis.

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