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September 20th, 2016

The Best Cafe Racer Accessories You Can Find Today

Pretty soon enough we would be embarking on to the festival times all over the world. For us who love their motorcycles more than most of the human beings out there, it means this is high time we get started with the list of the things we would like to gift our beloved rides. We start with some of the best Cafe Racer accessories you can get in the market currently. We love them cafe racers and like to shower them with some love, and if you do to, then read on:

Meters – MotoGadget:

Seriously, who else? When it comes to custom electricals we reckon there is no other company as widely respected and revered as MotoGadget. From authentically retro builds to futuristic machines, MotoGadget has meters that suit any purpose and a quality that remains unmatched. We have this particular affinity to the Motoscope Pro; it is minimal, sexy and sporty at the same time.

Cafe Racer Accessories - Motoscope Pro

Lights – Baak Motorcycles:

It is tough to find out what lighting you would like to install as part of your cafe racer accessories build, however, in case you have a Triumph Street Twin, then we reckon you would do no wrong to get yourself the “Avant” Package created by French custom builder Baak Motorcycles.

Baak Motorcycles

Mirrors – Rizoma :

Perfectly designed, and simply sexy, we love the Rizoma supplied mirrors in various designs, we like the latest Spy-Arm design a lot. They look good, are well built, aren’t big money and yes suit the Cafe Racer persona pretty well too. Whether making a custom build or just looking for a few add-on parts for your motorcycle, Rizoma’s cafe racer accessories are practically impossible to ignore.

Cafe Racer Accessories - Rizoma Spy-Arm mirrors

Fork Braces – Superbrace 7005 for New Bonneville Range:

Finding a good fork brace that not just looks great but also is strong enough for your beloved cafe racer build is an important choice. We reckon the Superbrace 7005 for New Bonneville Range, suits perfectly for the kind of duties we want our fork braces to take care of pretty well.

Cafe Racer Accessories - Superbrace 7005

Kits – :

No other custom builder can claim to be as experienced and creative as British Customs when it comes to creating DIY (almost) custom Kits for motorcycles. Furthermore, with their weekend Projects, they have made modifying your ride to your individual taste even easier. And did we forget to say that the quality of work is incredible too? Chose your favourite weekend project here.

British Customs

Handlebar Grips – Kuryakyn ISO Grips:

It is hard to explain the feeling one gets from twisting the throttle of a beautifully handling motorcycle out of blind corner in our favourite set of twisties. Thus it comes as no surprise that for us having a perfect handlebar grip means a lot. Saying that, we recently came across the Kuryakyn ISO Grips for Triumph modern classics and loved them a lot.

Cafe Racer Accessories - Kuryakyn ISO Grips

Tank Bag – Givi:

In case you ever find the need to have saddle/tank bags for your cafe racer, we suggest you look for the Givi products like the GRT705, it will suit your cafe racer just fine.

Cafe Racer Accessories - Givi GRT705

Seats – Roland Sands Design Café Triumph Classic Seat:

Off course, we would not look beyond a RSD Cafe Triumph Classic Seat to keep our posterior stylish through those fast runs for our coffee. the seat looks absolutely stunning and we cannot stop drooling over its detailing and quality build.

Cafe Racer Accessories - RSD Café Triumph Classic Seat

Crash Protector – R&G Racing Aero Frame Sliders:

We love the design and build tough design of R&G Racing Aero Frame Sliders and reckon they would suit and save your cafe racers in case of a crash. Since they look good too, be assured they would keep your bike looking as sexy as ever also.

Cafe Racer Accessories - R&G Racing Aero Frame Sliders



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