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October 28th, 2015

If you are born anytime after the 1970s, high chances are that you have been caught up in the Star Wars fiasco sometime or the other. The movie has made millions of fans in the decades since its sequels and prequels kept coming. Some of us have been collecting star wars memorabilia since the time we first saw the movies. Well its 2015 and yet another Star Wars movie is about to release. Since the toys that were bought are no longer the sorts that would benefit a man cave, we have come up with a list of items that suit a grown up’s fan following needs. These products are unique and certainly cool, check them out.

Star Wars Pinball R2D2 Coffee Table

Smithers of Samford The Droid R2D2 Coffee Table with PinballPerfect for the time you mates are over to hang around for a game or just beers. The Star Wars R2D2 coffee table is a one of its kind handmade product that also doubles up as a pinball table. Each table takes more than 300 hours of handcrafting with wood and powder coating. Inside, the body of the loyal R2D2 resides an authentic Star Wars pinball playfield to always keep things playful. Buy Now

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

Star Wars X-Wing Knife BlockThe X-Wing knife block spruces up the kitchen counter in a very subtle sort of way. The high-quality blog stands 20 cm high, finished in chrome and can store upto 5 high-quality stainless steel knives. Buy Now

Death Star Fire Pit

Star Wars Death Star Fire Pit The death star burning down and exploding was one of the most memorable and pleasing moments of the Star Wars series. With this Death Star pit, you can now re-live that feeling while utilizing the energy to cook your favourite meats. Buy Now

TIE Fighter MusicMachine 3.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Music Machine by MB and F FRont Ride Star Wars TIE Fighter Music Machine by MB and F FRont “A creative adult is the child who survived” was the tagline used by MB&F while launching the Star Wars Imperial fleet’s deadly TIE Fighter inspired music machine. More Info

Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop MakerStar Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

With this nifty little tool, you can serve your friends the most widely used in the whole Star Wars universe – The lightsaber. Buy Now

Death Star Ice Cube Maker

Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Maker 

While there might be lot of different Star Wars themed ice cube trays, the Death Star ice cube maker is the most minimal yet effective one compared to them all. Measuring 2.4 inches in diameter, its easy to fit in most scotch and whiskey glasses. Buy Now

Vintage Millennium Falcon Blueprint PosterStar Wars Vintage Millennium Falcon Blueprint Poster

This is one of the most detailed posters of the Millennium Falcon out there. Available in sizes of 5×7 inch and 8×10 inch, the poster is ideal to hang over the study table. Buy Now

AT-AT Walker Lamp By Lifegoods

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Lamp by Lifegoods

This beautifully designed wooden lamp from Lifegoods takes its inpiration from the AT-AT Walkers of Star Wars Episode V. It is designed in such a way that the light can be slid out like a drawer when needed and put back in when not needed. More Info

Star Wars Growler 64oz + Bottle opener + Glasses

Star Wars Growler 64oz Bottle Opener and Glasses For BeerEnhance your beer drinking experience with this Star Wars themed set that consists of a full 64oz beer growler along with a Star Wars themed bottle opener and pint glasses. Buy Now

Wood Carved Millennium Falcon Platter

Wood Carved Star Wars Millennium Falcon platter 

A perfect serving platter to watch the Star Wars saga before the new movie comes out, each platter is carefully handmade from exotic hardwoods such as Hard Maple and Black Walnut and is given a shiny glossy finish. Buy Now

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