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June 19th, 2017

Ferraris have a special place in an enthusiast’s heart. They’re hard to ignore and although criticised recently for their shift towards turbocharged technology, they a star player in the sports car category. “Ferrari concept cars” has always been a hotly discussed topic. Here, car designers are allowed to design and develop a car for the brand and if it’s up to the mark then it is sanctioned by Ferrari itself. Here is a list of few concept cars that were prototyped and not just rendered, unfortunately however they did not make it to production reasons discussed below.

Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale

The 365P was made in 1966 by Pininfarina design. It was a coupe with three front seats, the central one intended for the driver. The 365 P was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1966 as a dream car. There’s no official word on why it never made into production, however the later launched Dino models had its underpinnings.

1966 Pininfarina Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale Tre Posti Ferrari Concept Cars

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Ferrari 512 S Modulo Concept

As far as concept cars go, the Modulo was far more futuristic than any car at that time. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970 and won 22 international design awards for a “pure formal research, in its intentional geometricity”. It was a one-off prototype built on the chassis of a Ferrari 512S and that’s why it never entered into production.

Ferrari Concept Cars - Ferrari 512s modulo concept

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Ferrari Mythos

Designed by Pininfarina, the Mythos was based on the Ferrari Testarossa. It had a wedge shaped design and a large air intake ahead of the rear wheels, and a very promising top speed of 290kmph.  It was a special built made only to show Ferrari’s advancement in design, hence not intended for mass production. However, the Sultan of Brunei is known to own two.

1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept

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Ferrari FZ 93

Little is known about the Ferrari FZ 93 (Formula Zagato). A one-of supercar built on the Ferrari Testarossa S/N 83935 for the 1993 Geneva Auto Show. The FZ 93 was received with mixed reactions as many preferred the Pininfarina designed Testarossa. It however inspired the Enzo which was launched almost 10 years later!

Ferrari Concept Cars. 1993 Ferrari FZ93

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Ferrari Rossa

Rossa was launched in 2000 to celebrate Pininfarina’s 70 years in business. It was propelled by a 5.5-litre V12 engine, and was built on the 550 Maranello chassis. The interior was inspired from Ferrari’s race cars. It was only meant to tour the show circuit, not intended for public.

Ferrari Concept Cars Ferrari Rossa

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Ferrari 408 Integrale

This one is rare, very rare to be honest. Unveiled in 1987, only two were produced in collaboration with Aluminium specialist, Alcan. One distinguishing feature was the implementation of 4WD system, unlike the other Ferrari rear wheel drive models. No news on why they never entered into production and if Ferrari sold them to collectors or still owns them.

Ferrari Concept cars. Ferrari 408 Integrale

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Ferrari 308 GT Rainbow

Unconventional is what the Rainbow concept is all about. Unveiled in 1976 for the Turin Motor Show, it was never a precursor to mass-produced models. Its design was experimented by styling house, Bertone. This model also brought back the faith in new and modern designs, when people preferred conventional style.

Ferrari 308 GT Rainbow. Ferrari Concept Cars

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Ferrari 512 S Berlinetta Speciale

When launched in 1969, the 512 S Berlinetta shocked and surprised in equal measures. It also had the wedge shaped design. The car did not have a 5.0-litre V12 according to the moniker. Instead, it had a 6.0-litre V12 from a 612 Can-am racer. The 512 S Berlinetta Speciale was designed by Filippo Sapino, who flourished the design using touches like flip-up canopy to up its appeal. Sadly this was too futuristic and hence, Ferrari dropped the idea of production. But man, did it look gorgeous!

Ferrari 512S Berlinetta. Ferrari Concept Cars

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Ferrari Pinin

A one-off concept car created by Pininfarina to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Pinin was primarily a road car made to gather funds for Ferrari’s racing division. It was created on a donor Ferrari 400 GT chassis. Its production was discussed but later Enzo Ferrari dropped the plan, as the response generated was low and it did not coincide with Ferrari’s racing heritage.

Ferrari Pinnin. Ferrari Concept Cars

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Ferrari Studio CR25

Designed as a prototype by Pininfarina, the CR25 featured an incredibly low resistance of 0.256. It was the first car by Pininfarina to be designed using the wind tunnel. Add to that the air-brakes and the unique bumpers helped to direct air over the car. This concept used the Ferrari BB series engine 4.9-litre 12 cylinder boxer configuration. The Ferrari Studio CR25 was shown at the Turin Motor Show in 1974 as a one-off model.

Ferrari Studio CR25

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