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May 2nd, 2016

The whole universe is one giant race track where speed is what defines everything, so it should be no surprise that the matter from universe that exists inside us is designed to race and for speed. It is nowhere more apparent than in the minds and hearts of us petrolheads who live for racing and the adrenaline speed thrives in. Simply put, there is nothing that gives us more meaning than a race track, a tank full of gas and a throttle ready for some torture, life for us is always in that moment and everything else is just preparing for it. Needless to say, we have a dream list of 10 great race circuits where we would love to go round and round and round till eternity and beyond. Let’s talk about them.

10. Indianapolis Motor Speedway –

At number 10 of our 10 Great Race Circuits is a circuit with a history of more than 100 years of Racing, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the first ever speedway in the world when it opened in 1909 with an incredible dram filled first day that saw Louis Chevrolet getting hit by a stone during the first 250 mile race a stone in the face, breaking his goggles and temporarily blinding him and this was not all that went wrong on August 19th, 1909 because the same day Wilfred Bourque flipped his car and crashed into a fence post, killing both him and his mechanic. Almost on the verge of seeing the cancellation of rest of the event by the officials, the second day saw no accidents while a few speed records were broken. However on the third day during the 350 mile grand finale, Charlie Metz’s blown tire caused him to crash into fence posts, which killed two spectators and his mechanic.

10 Great Race Circuits Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Luckily enough, the safety aspect of the legendary race circuit has improves leaps and bounds since those times and it now has become highest-capacity stadium-type facility in the world, with a permanent capacity of 257,325, and it is home to the Indianapolis 500mile race, as well as the Brickyard 400. In recent years MotoGP has also been racing at the track inside of min racing oval.

9.    Silverstone –

Next up in the list of 10 Great Race Circuits is a track Featuring a few of the F1 calendar’s best corners, the Silverstone circuit is considered to be the ‘Home of British motorsport’, Still among the few old school circuits of the world, the Silverstone has seen a vast change in its layout over the years as well. It’s a busy and popular track, with a range of other championships suck as FIA WEC and BTCC and MotoGP racing there as well.

10 Great Race Circuits Silverstone

8.    Monza –

Even if the future of this iconic race track from our list of 10 Great Race Circuits in F1 remains under uncertainty, there is no doubt that this is among the oldest circuits on the F1 calendar and is known to be a super quick circuit with a perfect combination of straights and tight chicane’s. With the passion that flows through every Italian for racing and for automobiles, it is no doubt among the most loved race circuits on the planet and on the list of every petrolhead out there.

10 Great Race Circuits Monza

7.   Circuit de Monaco

Ever since this iconic street circuit arrived on the F1 calendar, which was way back in 1950, the track has been among the top of the game when it comes to sheer class and location for a race. Build around the Principality of Monaco, this track is still considered to be a tricky track to dominate owing to fast corners like the Piscine along with the tight hairpins and barriers that surround the circuit leaves no room for any error by the driver. The Monaco Grand Prix is remains a fan’s favorite and a jewel of every F1 calendar, and a must have in our list of 10 Great Race Circuits.

10 Great Race Circuits Monaco

6.    Laguna Seca

If you love cars, racing and the history of the automobile world, then you would definitely know about the iconic “corkscrew” from the American circuit, Laguna Seca. Built on a dried lake, the number 6 in our list of 10 Great Race Circuits Laguna Seca and its famous turns and 8a, giving the drive a feel as if sitting in a roller coaster. The corkscrew might be the most famous part of the circuit, but the track also has a famous, double apex “Andretti Hairpin”, which was named after Formula 1 champion Mario Andretti. Every petrol head has at least once in his life desired to drive through corkscrew at the maximum of his or hers bravery limit, and this makes this tiny little track among the very few which are loved by both car and motorcycle lovers alike.

10 Great Race Circuits Laguna Seca

5. Mount Panorama

Considered among the best tracks on the planet, and a sure shot entry to our list of 10 Great Race Circuits, the Mount Panorama or as it is famously known, the ‘Bathurst’ is as scenic as it is tough to master. Technically a street track, the circuit consists of steep inclines, long straights and quick corners, this means that it provides the drivers with a tough challenge and is the host of the iconic Bathurst 12 Hour and Bathurst 1000 races. If you have a fast car, then you would want to have a go at this track and keep coming for more.

10 Great Race Circuits Mount Panorama

4. Suzuka

The track owned by Honda Corporation is a definite must have entry to our 10 Great Race Circuits discussion and is the home of Japanese Gran Prix, Suzuka is among he few very technical tracks in the world with its unique figure of eight and range of sweeping fast corners such as the renowned 130R, ‘S’ Curves and the Degner Curve and has been the scene of some truly incredible motorsport moments, like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost’s 1989 collision at the chicane.  It also sees Motorcycle Endurance  race each year that goes by the name, Suzuka 8 Hour that was won by Yamaha in 2015.

10 Great Race Circuits Suzuka

3. Le Mans

Home of the oldest endurance race in the world, and probably the most famous motorsport event in the world, the number 3 in our 10 Great Race Circuits list is the Circuit de la Sarthewhich holds Le Mans and is a largely flat-out circuit, which sees speeds that reach up to 250mph. The first race at the track took place in 1923 and it has been an annual feature on the motorsport calendar since 1949, the race runs for 24 hours in the hot French June conditions with The Circuit de la Sarthe being a mix of public roads and race track. It is considered to be the ultimate test of machinery, with incredible corners like the Dunlop Curve, the Esses and the Porsche Curves.

10 Great Race Circuits Le Mans

2. Spa-Francorchamps

It is impossible not to talk about the Spa when we talk about 10 Great Race Circuits of the world. This stunning track built amidst the Belgian Ardennes countryside is the home of the Belgian Grand Prix, which boasts of a rich history in F1 and motorsport. It is a fan and driver favorite, with iconic corners like the Eau Rouge/Raidillon complex and Pouhon, stunning scenery and great racing guaranteed. Considered to be among the most challenging circuits of the world essentially due to its hilly nature, and even after a shortened track was opened is 1981, the track still remains a hard to master one.

10 Great Race Circuits Spa

1. Nurburgring –

The ‘Green Hell’ is the superstar of all the race tracks on the planet, and thus is at the top of our 10 Great Race Circuits lists too, and why not? For no track other than the Nurburgring can boast of such vivid and motorsport history. This is the top of the list dream circuit of every petrol head there was and there will ever be consists of a 154 corners and measures 21 kilometers in length and includes every sort of a turn one can imagine and one can simply go there and drive on it itself. The Nurburgring is the breeding ground of every car that wants to  create ripples in space and time with its speed, in fact the Nurburgring lap times have been traditionally used my different car manufacturers to showcase their technological prowess above their competition as well as to the customers.

10 Great Race Circuits Nurburgring


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