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December 7th, 2015

With three weeks left until we ring in the New Year 2016, it is time to check out these unique and innovative calendars for 2016 that are ideal designs to start the year with.

Inspired By Isometrics

Isometric 2016 Calander Design

A colorful isometric set up is always interesting. This calendar looks neat and sends across the message of being disciplined.

Buy: $24

Inspired By The Typo-darium

Typodarium 2016 Calendar

The typo-darium inspired calendar design is bold but comes with an understated design. Ideal for home offices, I am grabbing this one, now!

Buy: $21.52

Inspired By The Sun

The Circular 2016 Calendar 40 north

The circular calendar in white and yellow, this reminds us of the of the time when man used the sun to gauge time. Ideal for start-ups!

Buy: $9

Matchbook Calendar

Matchbook 2016 Calendar

Called the matchbook calendar, this notebook like piece is ideal for students and executives who still love those thing called diaries!

Buy: $8

Color Swatch 2016 Calendar

CMYK Color Swatch 2016 Calendar

Designed by Peter Von Freyhold, the Color Swatch is a CMYK calendar for 2016 that consists of weekly collated day streaks.

Buy: $43

Snug.Toyblocks 2016 calendar

Snug.Toyblocks 2016 calendar

This soft-blue graphical wall calendar for 2016 shows months represented in clear arranged groups.

Buy: $7.60

Wallpaper Year Planner 2016 for Office and Home

Wallpaper Year Planner 2016 Calendar

Our 2016 Wallpaper planner is a bright, visually interesting calendar large enough to write notes and memos on the days or left as a day / date reference and something colourful to put on your wall.

Buy: $22

The Cube Calendar

The Cube 2016 Calendar

By tearing off a card each day, you reveal the workings of time.

Buy: $35

Dozi 2016 Calendar

Dozi 2016 Calendar

Handmade, this calendar provides unique colors and designs for each of the 12 months.

Buy: $26

A Year Long Calendar

A Year Long Calendar

This calendar for 2016 comes with a stylish laser-cut leather buckle that shows the day and date. Its minimalist design leave some space for writing important notes against the dates and days.

Buy: $15

H/T: Design-milk

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