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October 29th, 2015

Swords from a time by gone show the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the cultures. It took swordsmiths centuries to perfect the art that showcased the luxury and extravagance of their kingdoms. Here are some of the most beautiful swords that have ever been created in the past centuries.


Silver mounted sabre, DaghestanSilver Mounted Sabre From Daghestan

Dates back to the first quarter of the 21st century. Originating from Daghestan, this sword uses a curved, single-edge blade grooved at the centre, engraved with woven hands at the edges. The silver hilt is decorated with nielloed floral motifs, while the “S”-shaped quillons is ending in the shape of lion head. The pommel is also shaped as a lion head, while the grip has a bone medallion richly pierced with floral motifs. The silver-plated wooden scabbard is decorated en suite.

Qing dynasty smallsword

Qing Dynasty small sword

This sword is from the early 1800s from the Qing dynasty has one of the most intricate artwork ever seen on a object of hand combat. The sword is jeweled and canton-enameled with the gilt made of gold and decorated with hundreds of jewels.

1796 British Spadroon

British 1796 Spadroon

This special presentation sword was made in 1796 and given to Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Lloyd, commander of the Goree Island Garrison from his officers in 1808. The sword currently is kept at the National Army Museum of London.

Turkish Shamshir

Turkish Samshir Sabre from The Ottoman Era

This royal sabre comes from the early 19th century, from the Ottoman period. Its intricate details and heavy use of gold, steel, diamonds, emralds and pearls could indicate that the sword was ceremonial sword that was used as a symbol of luxury, extravagance and workmanship.

Polish Coronation sword

Polish Coronation Sword

Szczerbiec, the sword of Boleslaw the Brave of Poland. He famously notched the blade against the Golden Gate of Kiev when he entered the city in 1018. The action was traditionally repeated by his descendants when they came to Kiev during subsequent reigns.

French Marines sword

French Marine Presentation Sword

Swords of this kind are still used at ceremonies by the French. This particular sword rich in details and decoration dates back to 1848, when it was used for the first time. A similar piece is also available for sale, check it out here.

French presentation sword

French Presentation Sword

While details of this particular sword are not very clear, similar type of presentation swords were found to be used during the end of the Nineteenth century. Notice the intricate detailing of the hilt and the cross-guard, we can only imagine the countless ours of steady-handed craftsmanship required.

Sabre of Emperor Faustin of Haiti

Sabre of Emperor Faustin of Haiti

This sword dates back to 1850 and was made by the famous British sword maker Robert Mole for Emperor Faustin of Haiti, who reigned from 1782 – 1867.

Polish sabre

Polish Presentation Sabre

This one comes from the early 17th century and is one of the twelve jeweled sabres made in Hungarian style for use at the Saxon court in Dresden. The sword currently resides at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Civil War presentation sword

Civil War presentation Sword

This sword is listed as number 16 under the “Rich Presentation Swords for Field and Line Officers” in the 1864 H. & G. catalog and is one of the most sought after swords. A similar specimen was sold for over $23,000 at the Heritage Auctions.

A thank you to imgur user iPostSwords for the awesome list.

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