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November 20th, 2015

What is a motorcycle travel, the experience and the story or travelogue either without a user friendly, trendy saddle bag or with a pang of regret that you could have carried a tool roll to optimize your movements throughout the journey? The story would’ve been better, wouldn’t it? Be it an overnight ride or a weekend one, significant challenges cross our ways no matter what; right from the how-to-pack to what-to-pack.

Now, how about a saddle bag and a tool roll carved out of the highest quality waxed twill and canvas paired with rugged leather that will last a lifetime. Bags which is not only weather resistant which keeps your gear dry through any weather you find yourself traveling through; but the bags which can be attached to a wide range of motorcycles with a…Pack animal motorcycle tool roll right side view closed mounted Pack animal tool roll opened view Pack animal motorcycle saddle bag rear view mounted Pack animal motorcycle saddle bag side view mounted adjustable leather mounting hardware kit.This kit will travel over the top of the seat or fender which at the ends will either wrap around your frame, bolt on or hook with a few flavor options to ensure that perfect fit for your bike. The bags attach using halter snaps that click onto d-rings on the bike mounting kit for seamless transition from saddlebag to messenger bag with a shoulder strap. And because the bags work in a pair and individually, you can decide how much you want to bring along which is a great option for a range of bikes while you rack up miles.

The Pack Animal Motorcycle Saddle back can be backed on their Kickstarter page for $400. Backers will in return receive a saddlebag with shoulder strap and leather motorcycle mounting hardware once the funding is met.

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