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March 6th, 2018

Given its origins as an engineering consultant, Porsche’s history is littered with examples of machines you wouldn’t usually associate with a traditionally sportcar manufacturer. This Porsche Junior L108 tractor is a perfect example of this. Designed in the 1930s along with the Beetle, the Junior L108 was produced between 1956 and 1963. Setting it apart from its more mainstream competition were its exceptionally good looks and colour scheme in addition to a host of tech advancements like a fluid coupling to connect the engine to a six-speed transmission and a Bosch hydraulic lifting system. It was powered by a 822cc single cylinder Porsche diesel engine good for 15 hp. The L108 came with Bosch’s diesel injection tech and drum brakes all around.

This particular example from 1961 was recently up for auction at Bonham’s Amelia Island sale. It has been meticulously restored and comes in the desirable red and off white colour scheme. The Porsche Junior L108 is a unique specimen of Ferdinand Porsche’s engineering brilliance applied to more agricultural applications and shows all the positive attributes of his namesake enterprise in a way that has been rarely seen.

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