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June 10th, 2016

Italians know a thing or two about making glorious automotive designs and ways to make them go fast. Alfa Romeo, one of Italy’s most loved car makers which also has a history drenched in motor-sporting achievements, is no different and throughout its history, it has built some of the most iconic and beautiful cars in the world. Among these beautiful machines to have come out wearing the glorious Alfa Romeo badge was the 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA which was based out of a huge success that the 105 Series Alfa Romeo Giulia GT proved to be when it was launched in 1963.

History of Alfa Romeo at Mille Miglia

1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA continued with the base cars attractive body and twin-cam four cylinder engine, combined with its nimble and precise handling. This 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA version where the ‘A’ stood for “Alleggerita” which is Italian way of speaking lightweight came out first with a 1570cc engine in 165 while later on it started wearing a 1300cc heart. Alfa Romeo with their 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA created a car that was visually pleasing and fun to drive at the same time. This 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA saw its weight reduction goals achieved by using aluminium outer body panels, magnesium alloy wheels, plastic side windows, an aluminium rear-upper control arm, different door handles, quarter-window mechanisms, and a lightweight interior trim. The engine was also given a re-touch with a new twin-spark cylinder head, 45mm carburettors that replaced the base cars 40mm ones. While the 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA also used a magnesium camshaft cover, sump, timing cover and bell housing. Alfa Romeo had also given the 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA closer gear ratios than the standard GT for better performance. The gears were also machined for lightness and quicker shifting. All this meant that the 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA had a dry weight of the 1640 pounds. One of these examples of a 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA was recently sold off in an auction at Fiskens.

1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA

This car with a Chassis number 613073 that you can see in the main picture was prepared by Autodelta from new in 1965 and the car went racing while the F1 champion Jochen Rindt was behind its wheels, He raced this 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA at circuits such as Snetterton, Zandvoort and Monza. The first owner of the car, Herbert Schultze raced it in German touring car events and hill climbs before selling this 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA to Dieter Machatius in December 1967 who competed in ADAC and the Nurburgring up to 1970. Continuing its change in ownership, the car then went to Guenther Kutz who raced the car in the years leading to early 80’s. In the next phase of ownership, this particular 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA was owned by Eckbert Köhler from 1985 to 1992, before he sold it to Jean-Pierre Magalhaes. Magalhaes had a letter from Alfa Romeo stating that this 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA was built on 24 June 1965 and sold to SpA Autodelta on 30 July 1965, the factory stock colour of the car was ‘Rouge Alfa’.

This car under its last owner before the auction was a regular participant at prestigious events such as the Goodwood Revival showcasing that this more than forty-year-old Italian beauty is still as willing to go racing as it was back in those times. This particular 1965 Alfa Romeo 105 GTA was sold off for an unknown amount recently after an auction at Fiskens.

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