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May 30th, 2016

The years through the 60’s and the 70’s were no doubt the greatest era of motorsports the world has ever seen. Those were the times of high octane drama, intense rivalries, legendary races, heroic racers and a mystique that is hard to be matched by the present day of motorsports. Those were the times when Porsche and Ferrari were having proper battles for supremacy on the fields of Le Mans. The Le Mans in that era witnessed racing in a way that the world has not seen since then. For it was an era that saw factory teams interspersed with their own respective customer and privateer teams. From that same era, a bright yellow Escuderia Montjuich Ferrari, a 1970 Ferrari 512M to be precise has arrived for sale at Fiskens and after all these years, it is still a thing of beauty.

1970 Ferrari 512M

The 1970 Ferrari 512M had a monstrous 12 cylinder five liter engine and a chassis, called the 1002 was designed solely to stop the rising dominance of the Porsche 917 at the Le Mans. The 1970 Ferrari 512M you see in these pictures has participated at the 1970 Le Mans, where it raced with number 9 racing number and was driven by was driven by José Juncadella and J. Fernandez of Escuderia Montjuich Ferrari team. However, the car had to leave the race while running in tenth place due to an on-track collision. Not suffering from a DNF at the Le Mans, this 1970 Ferrari 512M competed in a number of events in 1970 which included the Jarama Twelve Hours and the 1000 Kilometres de Paris where the car came home to a very respectable second place overall and took first in class.

1970 Ferrari 512M Front

This 1970 Ferrari 512M also went racing in 1971 when it took place at the famous motor sporting events such as, Monza 1000 kilometre, the Imola 300 kilometre, Osterreichring and again at the 1000 Kilometre de Paris. The car also competed at Tour of France in 1971 were it took a great second place. After its racing efforts with Escuderia Montjuich Ferrari, this 1970 Ferrari 512M was sold to a new owner in the form of British Ferrarist, Robert Horne in 1974. In order to bring the car back to its full glory, Robert, then sent this gorgeous 1970 Ferrari 512M to Bob Houghton of Greypaul Motors who is a well-known marque specialist. Robert Horne’s never really did take this car to international racing competitions, but he did use this 1970 Ferrari 512M to attempt a British Land Speed Record, and in 1977, Horne took this car to 192mph over a flying mile distance and set a record.

1970 Ferrari 512M Cabin

After that record-setting feat, Horne used this 1970 Ferrari 512M on special occasions only, he owned this car for a staggering thirty-five years until he sold it to the cars current owner in 2009. Most recently this 1970 Ferrari 512M was driven at the Le Mans Classic event by the owner’s son showcasing that the car still has its racing DNA intact.

For more information regarding this car you can head out to Fiskens website. Watch a rather beautiful shot video of this gorgeous 1970 Ferrari 512M by Fiskens below and while you are at it do let us know your views in the comments section.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=404tpMG5Fqk]

1970 Ferrari 512M Side View

1970 Ferrari 512M Front Three Quarter

1970 Ferrari 512M Interior

1970 Ferrari 512M Rear Three Quarter

1970 Ferrari 512M Rear

1970 Ferrari 512M Windshield

1970 Ferrari 512M

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