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One of our favourite shops that deals in the field of sale and restoration of vintage motorcycles, the Royal District of Lilli based, Legend Motors has just listed an immaculately maintained 1972 Ducati Scrambler 350. The 1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 you see in these pictures, as per Chritophe, the founder of Legend Motors, has done a total of 24,600km’s on the odo and has gone through only two owners since the 70’s. Legend Motors has given the bike a thorough overhaul and is ready for anyone who would be willing to shell out EUR 7900 for this vintage Ducati classic.

In a true following of nature’s principle that every great decline births the next phase of growth, the original Ducati Scrambler took birth in a world torn apart by the world war and later it consequence. The European motorcycle market including Italy was on a constant decline for the local manufacturers as the cheaper and smaller Japanese two wheelers started finding more and more takers on one side while on the other, the arrival of small, practical cars like the Fiat 500 aided the loss of numbers for bigger capacity motorcycles. Local manufacturers like Gilera, Moto Guzzi, Mondial and Ducati, all started seeing the red in their sales numbers that led to almost each one of these companies to take a hiatus from expensive racing participation’s.

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Front Three Quarter

For Ducati, it also meant that a few ambitious projects were sent to the back burner while the Ducati management contemplated using its resources more wisely by targeting overseas markets as well as to create a small, easy to ride, less expensive and a light-weight motorcycle that could compete with the Japanese in their own game. Thus, the Scrambler was born in 1962 which arrived with a 250cc single cylinder engine that became an instant success in the US market. The success prompted Ducati to provide the Scrambler with a bigger heart meaning from 1967 onwards, the Scrambler got two variants in the form of a 350cc and a 450cc one, where the 450cc variant utilized the Desmodromic Valve mechanism.

The Scramblers clean simple lines and a minimalist approach to styling made the original Scrambler a timeless design icon, a design philosophy that inspired the all new Scrambler by Ducati as well. Rare as they are, an original Scrambler is hard to come by, one in near-mint condition, even more so. Thus, this listing of a mint condition 1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 at a price of EUR 7900, makes for a perfect purchase if you ever wanted and authentically original classic from the era gone by. For more you can visit Legend Motors and do let us know what you think about this gorgeous 1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 in the comments section below.

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Tank Emblem

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Engine

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Fuel Filler Cap

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Headlight

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Logo

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Meter Console

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Rear Seat

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350 Rear Three Quarter

1972 Ducati Scrambler 350


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