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February 1st, 2018

Today, Ducati is once again at the brink of another phase shift in the company’s core motorcycling ideology. With the recent launch of the Panigale V4, Ducati is ready to stride into the premium four-cylinder motorcycle market, where I am sure that they would come out with flying colours. This though, isn’t the first major phase shift the company has seen, as in 1971 with similar intentions, Ducati went ahead and for the first time introduced a twin-cylinder machine – The Ducati 750 GT.

The Ducati 750 GT was the Bolognese firm’s, first foray into the twin-cylinder market. Before this throghout the history of Ducati, the Italian brand was known for their single cylinder engines. It was this machine with which Ducati chief designer Fabio Taglioni first coined the term ‘L-Twin’ for the twin-cylinder engine that was arranged in a 90-degree ‘L’ layout. This though, wasn’t before the company tried their hand with a full-fat 1260cc V4, which unfortunately proved way ahead of its time and never reached production stage.

The Ducati 750 GT that was launched in 1971 and remained in production till 1974. The perfectly restored machine you see here, coming on sale at Legend Motors is one of the final edition models of the iconic motorcycle that began a trend that Ducati is known and praised for even till this day. Head over to Legend Motors for more information on this 1971 Ducati 750 GT. Photos via Legend Motors

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