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May 31st, 2016

Now this is a monster we would love to take out on a track and create a storm of white smoke, from every inch of rubber that we can get. The car dressed in black which you see in these pictures is a 1989 BMW M3 E30 that wears a V10 535bhp engine from its bigger badder sibling, the BMW M5, S5. This is not just a modest engine swap, but ‘the’ one that has spiked in the interest in us big time. The car is for sale at the famous Bilcity Superbike shop based out of Gothenburg which has been operating since 1999 and deals in cars and motorcycles, for both, resale and purchase.

1989 BMW M3 Front

This monstrous 1989 BMW M3 can be yours at a price of 459000 Swedish Krona that roughly translates to around $55000 can produce a maximum power output of 535bhp@77000rm and a peak torque rating of a staggering 545Nm@6600rpm. This modified 1989 BMW M3 gets equipment’s like DTA S100 from GIK Turbo, a specially build flywheel supplied by Wargia Engineering, a BMW ZF % speed transmission from the BMW 525TDS. TO make sure that this fire breathing monster of a 1989 BMW M3 stops before it rips a hole in time, Brembo’s 6-piston calipers from a Porsche GT3 Cup car provides braking at the front with M3 CSL Brake discs that are 345mm in diameter, while at the rear stock brakes still survive to stay on duty.

1989 BMW M3 Interior

As for the chassis of this thoroughly modified 1989 BMW M, it gets an upgrade to BILSTEIN GRN dampers along with coiloversats, Feathers, Camber plates and assorted gadgets chassis from Millway. While other bits include the front fenders that are from Evo3 combined with Sparco Evo chairs and this monster 1989 BMW M3 weighs 1300kg with a full tank that has a capacity of 60 liters.

For more information, you can visit here. Like it or not? Do let us know your views on this monstrous 1989 BMW M3 from Sweden.

1989 BMW M3 Front Three Quarter

1989 BMW M3 modified engine

1989 BMW M3 Rear Three Quarter

1989 BMW M3 Rear

1989 BMW M3 Sparco Seats

1989 BMW M3 Wheels


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