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July 4th, 2018

The legacy of the Mercedes Benz G-Class is unmistakable, while its suave is unmissable when you recognise it on the streets as ‘the’ G-Wagon. This 1990 Mercedes Benz G-class that has been given a gorgeous Sandstorm Yellow on black paint sports an OM-series 5-cylinder diesel engine that is one of the most reliable engines in the world. It is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, with “1/2” gear for high-torque take off, lockable four-wheel drive with axle locks, allowing you to go anywhere.

Its creators, Legacy Overland know and respect the sophistication of the G-Wagen and have look in the right direction to get ideas on how to enhance it and make it even better! The interior has been tastefully upgraded to feature vegan leather on the front bucket seats, doors and foldable rear jump seats. LED headlights, auxiliary fog lights with rear LED lamps add modern touches without ruining the look and feel of this classic Merc. And to ensure that the off road capabilities are even better than what Mercedes initially set out to achieve, Legacy Overland has installed a set of Raptor suspension lift with extra-wide tires. More on the Legacy Overland 1990 Mercedes Benz G-Class head over to their website.

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