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March 23rd, 2016

From the perspective of a utility vehicle to run about in one’s summer home, there would be fewer things that are as downright coolness and appealing as this Cagiva Moke. It’s Jeep-inspired front end and open body design is the perfect combination to punter around one’s private land while soaking up some breeze and sun.

1993 Cagiva Moke Front Right Quarters

Initially designed as a light military vehicle, the Moke manufactured by the British Motor Corporation was based on the Mini. Designed by Mini’s own creator Alec Issigonis, the Moke was to be used as a off-road vehicle that could be dropped from a plane by parachutes to be used by the landed troops. While it’s basic pitch was to be a rugged military vehicle with hits of design from the Jeep, the Moke’s small wheels and low ground clearance rendered it pretty useless to be used as a off-roader. Subsequently, it was dismissed as a military project by its then maker, BMC (British Motor Corporation) and offered as a low-cost civilian vehicle that was easy to maintain and quite utilitarian in function. Over the years, the Moke was offered under various names including the Austin Mini Moke, Morris Mini Moke and Leyland Moke that were built in Britain, Australia and Portugal.

1993 Cagiva Moke Right Side Profile 1993 Cagiva Moke Rear Right Three Quarters 1993 Cagiva Moke Rear 1993 Cagiva Moke Left FRont Quarters Covered

It’s failure to be put into military use aside, the Moke was quite a successful utility vehicle. Between 1964 when the BMC started manufacturing the Moke and till 1993 when they decided to cease production, more than 50,000 vehicles were made between the three factories. This well-maintained vehicle here is a 1993 model which was made under the ownership of Cagiva, who bought the Moke name from BMC in 1991 and continued making the vehicle for another two years before shutting it down. This particular car with just 1,833 kms on the odo and featuring full white leather upholstery with green piping and matching seatbelts is a part of the RM Sotheby’s Monaco auction that is to take place on May 14, 2016.

1993 Cagiva Moke Steering Wheel 1993 Cagiva Moke Seats 2 1993 Cagiva Moke Seats 1993 Cagiva Moke Rear Right Quarters 1993 Cagiva Moke Interior 1993 Cagiva Moke Front

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