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October 9th, 2015

Honda has recently released teaser images of their upgraded 2016 CBR500R middle-weight sports bike. For 2016, according to Honda, the new motorcycle is expected to come with more sporty styling that is suitable for riders who are upgrading from smaller capacity motorcycle or for those who are looking for a middle weight all-round motorcycle.

2016 Honda CBR500R Teaser Right Side Profile

The 2016 Honda CBR500R sports a sharper stance

Upgrades for the 2016 Honda CBR500R include a new design theme which Honda calls “Aggressive Speed Shape”. According to the teaser images released by the company, the new CBR500R appears to get new sharper dual LED headlights up front and a sportier, upswept tail section that is also equipped with LED lights. From the teaser images, the new Honda appears to be more sportier in looks compared to the current generation CBR500R.

2016 Honda CBR500R Front LED Headlight Teaser

New LED headlight and taillights to come to the Honda CBR500R

Other upgrades include revamped front suspensions that are now available with pre-load settings, a larger fuel tank with a new hinged fuel cap, adjustable brake levers and a new “wave” style ignition key. There is also a new shorter, stubbier exhaust muffler that according to Honda, helps in enhanced mass centralisation. While currently Honda has not disclosed the colours for the new CBR500R, the company says that the new machine will be available “in a range of dynamic new colour schemes”.

The 2016 Honda CBR500R will make its global debut at the American International Motorcycle Expo which starts in Orlando, Florida on October 15, 2015.

Source: Honda

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