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April 21st, 2017

BMW Motorrad just revealed the 2017 BMW HP4 RACE and it is on a whole new level of insanity

The BMW HP4 RACE has been the epitome of production racing motorcycle for road ever since it came out and when at last year’s EICMA, BMW Motorrad displayed the new HP4 concept. The concept from EICMA wore an extensive amount of carbon fibre, a carbon frame, and all carbon wheels as well. However, details were at a premium back then, but the just revealed all-out no-holds-bar 2017 BMW HP4 RACE has arrived with stellar numbers. To be produced in a limited run of just 750 units, the 2017 BMW HP4 RACE will be assembled by hand by a set of extremely talented BMW technicians.


The 2017 BMW HP4 RACE weighs a feather light 146 kg dry, while with fuel on board, it still weighs just 171 kilograms, all thanks to the use of insane amount of carbon fibre. With such weight numbers, the 2017 BMW HP4 RACE is lighter than almost every other super (hyper) bike out there while being just a tad bit heavier than the MotoGP prototype racing machines. As per the maker, the whole frame of the bike weighs only 7.8kgs. The presence of full race spec Ohlins suspension with FGR 300 USD front forks with a TTX 36 GP spring strut makes a huge difference while maneuvering the motorcycle in corners. The swing arm is also made up of a light alloy to ensure the weighing scales don’t have to work a lot.

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This insane weight saving translates into glorious performance combined with the simply outrageous power output of 215bhp at 13,900rpm and a peak torque rating of 120nm that arrives at 10,000rpm. Compared to the present day BMW S1000RR which makes 199bhp and 113Nm, the 2017 BMW HP4 RACE is clearly a beast of a different kind. The difference of power outputs was made possible by BMW engineers through internal modifications of the standard bike’s engine, such as a lighter crankshaft and high-strength forged steel connecting rods were installed.


Obviously for such ferociousness that promises ‘Over 300kmph’, the 2017 BMW HP4 RACE comes packed with all the top shelf rider assist features. The list consists of rider aids like Dynamic Traction Control, Engine Brake EBR, and Wheelie Control. Furthermore, all these parameters can be programmed according to each gear as per the rider preference. If that’s not all, you also get add-on electronics such as a Pit Lane Limiter and a Launch Control for those race days. Being a thorough track race bike, the 2017 BMW HP4 RACE offers plethora of trackside adjustments on the rear frame that enable the rider to choose from three positions, along with an 8-position foot peg setup. There is an on-board 2D dashboard as well and it tracks a number of rider details as lap time, DTC settings, EBR settings, and engine mapping. The system also shares and collects mechanical information such as brake pressure, spring travel, throttle position, front and rear wheel speed, lean angle, and water temperature.2017 BMW HP4 RACE 4Well, with that sort of construction prowess, top-shelf electronic wizardry, and insane power and sublime performance, BMW does get a right to charge around $87,000 for the 2017 BMW HP4 RACE. So, in case you somehow missed getting yourself a Ducati 1299 Superleggera, then this is one opportunity you should not be missing.

Image source – BMW


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