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Holidays and festivities are as much about family time as they are about community and togetherness. If you have a Jeep and the holiday is Easter, then the annual Moab Jeep Safari also known as the Easter Jeep Safari is something that you should be particularly interested about. In recent years, the Easter Jeep Safari has been one of the major attractions for the city of Moab, for its brilliant trails and is held during the easter week. The trails last for a total of nine days going through the Easter Sunday.

The Easter Jeep Safari is an event hosted by Red Rock 4-Wheelers who are onoe of the local 4×4 club of Moab. The 2017 edition of the Easter Jeep Safari is back again by popular demand and scheduled between 8th – 16th of April. The Trail rides are usually day long trips, the participants gather at the meeting point in Moab Utah and have 2 different departure timings everyday, the 8am being the early departure and the 10am being the late departure.

The participants bring their own four wheel drive vehicle for the event. And while there are no restriction on the make and model of the 4×4 you choose to bring, the event is particularly known for large participation from Jeeps. The only rules here are that the vehicle must with high ground clearance and have a 2-speed transfer case (high and low ratio switchable transmission). As far as the safety aspect of the vehicles, all participating 4x4s must have an integrated roll cage covering the roof of the vehicle and mandatory Utah road law requirements of the vehicle like a valid license plate, seat belts are a necessity. Additional safety requirements to comply by include a fire extinguisher, safety first aid kits, tow strap, spare tire and a jack.

The 2017 Easter Jeep Safari will run through 30 different trails run everyday. These range from fairly basic ones for novices with light modifications to their vehicles to challenging ones which need heavy modifications to the vehicle’s differentials and suspension. The club charges a modest $50 fee for one day’s participation per vehicle which isn’t bad at all for the sort of supervised experience at hand.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys Off-Roading as much as family time, this could be your perfect Easter getaway, while making new off-road friends.

Easter Jeep Safari 2016 in 4K by Dixie Four Wheel Drive

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