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February 21st, 2018

Having a unique, old school and approachable quality to it, the Legend Boucles is a heritage rally event held in the southern Belgian town of Bastogne. The rally has been present in various forms since the 1950s having first started in Brussels, then moving to Spa as a historic event and eventually to Bastogne in 2016. Spectators at this event are not isolated from the cars and drivers and can see first hand all the backstage action that goes on in such outings. Further adding to the Legend Boucles’ appeal is the pleasing countryside and well thought out stages which included fast straightaways, hard hairpins, mud, cobblestones, pot holes, wet tarmac as well as dirt hills.

The true showstoppers at the Legend Boucles Bretagne, as is usually the case in such events, were the cars. This year’s rally included greats like many Ford Escort RS2000 Mk1 and Mk2s, a few Porsche 911s and oddities like a Volvo 242, a DAF 66, a Lada 2105 and a Trabant P601. The more than 300 cars participating in this year’s event were a mix of Audis, Subarus and Opels, with an ex-Colin McRae driven Impreza WRC (in the iconic 555 livery) standing out.

The Legend Boucles Bretagne event was held between the 2nd and 4th of February and I was present there, hoping to bring it to life in these pages. While the event is a relative unknown in the yearly motorsport calendar, the setting and participants make sure it’s appeal is not diminished at all. Words by Tuhin Guha

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