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March 16th, 2019

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the flashiest and opulent shows in the automobile world. Every brand tries to up its game against one another by showcasing their finest skills implemented in coming year’s cars or crazy futuristic concept. The 2019 Geneva Motor show was no different. Following is the list of brands with their deck.

Alpha Romeo

Tonale Concept:

As many global brands are warming towards the idea of a crossover SUV or an electric, folks at Alpha Romeo thought of combining the two to deliver a single ace product. The Alpha Romeo Tonale Concept is brand’s first plug in-hybrid. The Tonale by the brand is described as CUV (Coupe Utility Vehicle), go figure, will be a dual engine setup. The internal combustion engine will be position up front while a battery setup will be placed between the rear wheels, making it an electric all-wheel drive crossover. The exterior is as lustful to look at as Alpha Romeo gets as many design elements are carried over from brand’s lineup.


Aston Martin

Lagonda All Terrain Concept:

Aston Martin is renowned to showcase the most audacious concepts at the Geneva Motor Show. One such concept showcased by the brand was the Aston Martin Lagonda All Terrain Concept. The concept is brand’s attempt to showcase an all electric zero emission drive system which as suggest can conquer any terrain. The brand claims to push the envelope by planning to make this concept its first fully autonomous vehicle. Being a concept, it carries on the signature Aston Martin grille design with sleek white headlights upfront with frameless B pillars and the quarter glass roof opening simultaneously with the door. On the inside, the Lagonda All Terrain concept is no less than a farfetched design. The brand calls it as the lounge, were one simply steps in and the car takes care of the rest. Four independent seats are fixated and can be rotated to face one another. Well, not enough money in the world could justify the sheer elegance of what the Aston Martin Lagonda All Terrain concept holds.  

Aston Martin

Vanquish Vision Concept:

At the 2019 Geneva, Aston Martin showcased the brand’s revival of the 21st century flagship concept. The showcased concept makes use of extensive weight saving, tight packaging, and improved aerodynamic efficiency. The concept make use of bonded aluminium chassis developed under the supervision of mid engine specialist, Max Szwaj, Aston Martin Chief Technical Officer. Creating a car like this for Aston Martin is a challenge as it takes Aston Martin into new territory. The technical details of the vehicle are at brisk as the next generation Vanquish is still at a nascent stage.

The brand also showcased Valkyrie 001 Concept, Valkyrie 002 track focused version and AMRB 003 or Project 003. All three were displayed as mere concept and no such informations were revealed.

Aston Martin


Plug-in Hybrid Q5, A6, A7, A8:

Audi is determined to propel the petrol powered audience to electric future by taking one small step at a time. To deal with this electric future. The brand showcased its plug-in hybrid for its A Series range and for the Q5. Audi is expanding its range of plug-in-hybrids for sustainable mobility. The new plug-in hybrid models carry the ‘TFSI e’ signet. All new plug-in-hybrids make use of a turbo-charged gasoline engine with direct injection that works simultaneously with an electric motor which is integrated within the transmission setup. The lithium-ion battery for the entire A Series is made up of 104 pouch cells that are combined in eight modules. It stores 14.1 kWh of energy at a voltage of 385 V. Whereas, the lithium-ion battery in the Q5 comprises prismatic cells and has the same capacity. All the models are expected to launch within this year.


Q4 E-Tron Concept:

Audi is set to expand its all electric range. Adding to it is the new Q4, an all-electric derivative over the standard. However, the e-tron just shares its badging with the standard SUV. The mechanism and technology both are as futuristic as the car. Audi has retained the overall dimensions of the car similar to the standard Q4, however, the aesthetics of the car is more closely compared to the Q7 e-tron which initiated its production sometime back. The Q4 e-tron is powered by two electric 82 kWh motors delivering combine output of 302 PS and a peak torque output of 460 Nm. The power is then distributed to all its wheels that gives the car a range of upwards 450 kms.  It will be based on VW Group’s MEB platform and will be a sized-down version of the bigger e-tron SUV.

Along with the Q4 e-tron, the brand also showcased E-Tron Sportback concept and E-Tron GT Concept. While not much has been revealed by the company. The Sportback will share similar specifications and design with the Q4 e-tron concept as it is based on the same platform while the GT could be a tempting choice for those who can’t afford the Porsche Taycan.



Bentayga Speed:

The British premium maker showcased its claimed fastest SUV on planet. The makers claim that the Bentayga Speed can do 100 kph from stand still in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 306 kph. All these derivates are owed to heavy engine producing 626 hp of power and staggering 900 Nm of torque. Bentley included what it says are the largest production brakes fitted to a production vehicle. The car is every bit of inch plush as is the brand. No stones are left unturned to make the Bentayga Speed a head turner for masses.


Continental GT Number 9 Edition:

To commemorate its 100 years in the automobile industry, Bentley showcased the Continental GT Number 9 Edition. Limited to a 100 models, this design features are inspired by 1930 Le Mans winning 4 1/2 Litre ‘Blower’ Bentley. Each of the 100 units will also feature a wood insert taken from the seat of Birkin’s car, which was removed during a renovation, along with 18k gold-plated organ stops. This limited edition features the same 6.0 litre, W12 engine capable of producing 635 bhp.


2020 7 Series:

The brand propelled its lineup by shocking next year’s flagship 7 series. The 7 Series featuring a more aggressive design, more advanced powertrains and leading edge connectivity quickly grabbed lot of attention. Just like the X7, the new 7 Series also features a massive front kidney styled grille. The inside is no different than any other premium offering in this segment. Quilted Nappa leather seating leads to an instrument cluster and Control Display that comes with the software featuring the BMW Operating System 7.0 including a BMW Touch Command control unit for the rear. Powering the new & series will be variety of engine. The mammoth being a 12 cylinder engine, along with a new entry of a V8 motor. The 7 series will also be offered in a three diesel inline six cylinders option. A second generation plug-in hybrid versions of the 7-Series will also be seen in 2020.


Plug-in Hybrid 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, X3, X5:

BMW is engaging into the electric future and is making sure the brand martins its appeal even with the hybrid. Almost the entire range has been given the hybrid treatment to assure minimum carbon footprint demands made across the globe. The electrification process of the brand is underway and is expected to be initiated in the beginning of 2020. The brand also plans to setup exclusive electric charging units across globe and market by the year 2025.

BMW M850i Night Sky:

When every brand displays outright preposterous concept, you cannot rule out Beemer. However, the brand had some unique implementation at the 2019 Geneva show. The brand showcased its one of a kind M850i. However, the reason its one of a kind is because the car incorporates tiny bits of fragments and pieces of extra terrestrial material which gathered show of shooting stars began when the Earth briefly passes through the orbit of the asteroid 2003 EH. The smaller rocks which infiltrated the atmosphere made as the element of the interior of this particular vehicle. The meteoritic rock adorns the whole of the centre console’s trim plate, the start/stop button, the selector lever and the Touch Controller for the iDrive system, creating a unique visual and tactile effect. The rest of the car remains unchanged apart from a three layer black paint and coat on the exterior.



La Voiture Noire: Bugatti is no different from being outlandish. The brand famous for making concept looking production car made sure to be the centre of attention. The brand showcased its one of a kind, La Voiture Noire which literally translates to ‘the black car’. The Bugatti La Voiture Noire, is brand’s most expensive production ever and is also brand’s way of paying homage to Jean Bugatti’s one of a kind iconic Type 57 SC Atlantic, which disappeared during WW2. The car carries over the original’s scintillating rear design and encompasses it as rear engine panel. The one off gets a more pronounced grille than either the Veyron or the Chiron while rear of the car pose a striking resemblance to the likes of McLaren and Aston Martin. Powering the Noire is an 8.0 litre, 16 cylinder engine which produces an astonishing 1500 hp of power. The car is however, being sold to an unknown buyer who is said to be a Bugatti enthusiast.



F8 Tributo:

The Italian stallion showcased its replacement of 488 GTB. The company plays with the name of the new model, F8 Tributo, as it pays homage to Ferrari’s V8 berlinetta models of yesteryear. A modern interpretation of the twin rear light clusters is reminiscent to the first eight cylinder Berlinetta, the 1975 308 GTB. The F8 is similar in looking to the 488 GTB with deeper and sharper grooves, along with an edgier headlamps. On the rear, the car gets a redesigned S-duct intakes. On the inside, the car also features a smaller steering wheel with updated Ferrari cabin design. Powering the F8 is the same twin turbo V8 motor being recalibrate to produce 720 hp of power and 770 Nm of peak torque.


Hispano Suiza


The 2019 Geneva show sees the reincarnation of a popular brand from 1930’s era. The Hispano Suiza was ever so popular in the day, but with modernization kicking in, the brand suffered a major setback and was reduced to parts manufacturer. However, at the ongoing convention, the founder’s great grandson revived the brand by showing a 750kW electric car that takes its styling straight out of the 1930s. The rear wheels are powered by two 375kW permanent magnet synchronous motors, one each, resulting in a total of 750kW for the 1,690kg mass. The brand claims that the Carmen will be able to hit 100 kph under 3 seconds. The car is named after the company president’s late mother. Only 19 of these electric supercars will be built between this year and 2021 and will be priced roughly €1.5 million pre tax.



Urban EV Concept:

The Japanese maker showcased probably the most attractive compact electric hatchback. Deemed as the cutest looking EV and best design implementation by any brand, Honda claims the Urban EV concept to be 98% identical to the production variant. Honda has already opened reservations for the e Prototype and has received 15,000 registrations till date. The little car is slated to have a range of over 200 kms and a ‘fast charge’ functionality providing 80 per cent range in just 30 minutes. No such technical information has been provided by the company. The car will first step in Europe and make it way towards western land henceforth.




The newest iteration from the Koenigsegg may just redefine the term ‘hypercar’. The limited run of 125 units aims to achieve a top speed of 483 kph with a power output going up to 1,600 hp and upto 1000 kg of downforce. The chairman of Koenigsegg, Christian Von Koenigsegg paid his sincere homage to his father Jesko Von Koenigsegg, and named the hyper beast after him while taking the wraps off. Sitting on a new platform and with an increase in dimensions, the Jesko will effectively replace Agera. Koenigsegg has also developed a special 9 speed gearbox with each gear having a separate wet clutch. This helps the makers reduce the dimensions of the setup when compared to conventional dual clutch system and also increases the reaction time by over 2 seconds. The company is ready for the production of the vehicle and is only searching for the right tyres which can compensate the sheer force acting on a 1600 hp power. The makers claim to have not bounce the right set but if needed be will add a custom manufacture to the project.



Aventador SVJ Roadster:

The raging bull Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, not just looses its roof, rather gains ingenious technology to maintain the breath taking performance in check. Powering the flagship convertible is a massive 6.5 litre, V12 engine that produces 759 hp of power and 720 Nm of torque which juts the car from standstill to 100 kph in 2.9 seconds and can go all the way to 350 kph. The front is dominated by the same menacing look like its standard hard top variant with exception is wider carbon fibre splitter to give more downforce. The rear remains identical to the standard Aventador SVJ. The carbon fibre roof is split in two halves. To maintain the same zeal inside, a small rear window which can be raised or lowered at the press of a button is provided to ensure a comfortable driving experience. The car gets a special colour palette treatment on the inside, rest of the cockpit is borrowed straight from its hardtop counterpart. A commanding pricetag of $573,966 ( approximately Rs. 4 crores) before customisation along with limited production of just 800 units, the ranging bull beats in every ounce of this masterpiece.



Senna GTR

British luxury car maker McLaren entered their 2019 Senna GTR in production. Giving undivided attention to the car’s tag, the makers disregarded all rules and limitations of making the car road legal car and gave the Senna GTR a serious track focused car. Unsurprisingly, the Senna GTR hits every inch at the right place and is possibly the closets to match a professional Formula One car. The car is propelled by a 4 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine which claims to produce 825 PS of power and 800 Nm of torque. With the excessive weight shedding required for a road legal car, the also shares the carbon fibre monocoque with the standard Senna. The production of this hypercar has been limited to 75 units, all of which have been sold at a whopping 1.1 million pounds, plus local taxes. The company will begin the car’s delivery by September 2019.



AMG GTR Roadster:

Starting the motor show for the German makers was its exotic convertible. Limited to only 750 units, the convertible is powered by a 4 litre, V8, bi-turbocharged engine which produces 585 bhp of maximum power and 700 Nm of peak torque.


AMGS65 Final Edition:

Mercedes showcased its most powerful and pinnacle form of luxury built into one. The AMGS65 Final Edition is powered by mammoth V12, 6 litre, bi-turbo engine, which makes 630 bhp of power and 1,000 Nm of torque. Just like the mammoth, this car will be the last in line to get a V12. The interior of the Final Edition is a synonym to luxury and class, and the AMG badge make sure that you can drift sideways while getting every inch of your body massaged along with a sip of the finest champagne.



Mercedes finally gave an AMG treatment to the GLE class. The car is powered by a 3 litre turbo I6 which will generate 429 hp of power and 521 Nm of torque. This coupled with a 48 volt battery will make the new AMG GLE a mild hybrid setup. Apart from the mechanical upgrade, the AMG GLE53 retains similar aesthetics on the exterior as well as on the interior. The car can sprint to 100 kmh in 5.3 seconds and has its top speed limited to 250 kmh.


EQV Concept:

The brand also showcased its first ever all electric MPV at the motorshow. Tagged as the EQV, the concept shares its underpinning with the brand’s V-class. The overall silhouette, remains to be quite similar to the V class, a slight redesigned bumper, new grille and new 19 inch alloys, give the car a very futuristic appeal. The EQV offers same seating configuration setup, with an option of having between six and eight seats. The car’s interior space is largely identical despite the addition of batteries. The dashboard on the Concept EQV sports Mercedes-Benz’s latest MBUX infotainment system with voice and gesture control. Powering the concept is a 100 kW floor board battery producing 204 hp of power, which guarantees a range of around 500 kms and a top speed of 160 kph. With the help of chi rapid charging, the V class can be topped up for a range of 100 kms in just 15 mins.


Formula E Concept:

Badged as the EQ Silver Arrow 01 concept, the car sports a special black and blue combination livery which hints at the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team’s official livery. However, a more constructive and definitive design of the bodywork will only be showcased towards the sixth season of the series that kicks-off towards the later part of 2019.


Piëch Automotive

Mark Zero:

While many boutique manufacturers struggle to find a constrictive progressive design let alone the engine, this Switzerland-German duo has hit the nail right on the head with their legit grand tourer. The Mark Zero borrows its styling cues from almost every supercar. The front sports a rounded and wide structure, with a large single front intake flanked by a pair of oval headlight housings.At the rear, the tail once again incorporates a rounded, oval shape, bookending the massive rear fender flares with thin taillight strips and small vents in the lower corners of the bumper. Powering the Mark Zero is a trio of electric motors, including a single asynchronous electric motor up front making 150 kW (201 horsepower), plus a pair of synchronous motors in the rear, each of which makes 150 kW (201 horsepower) on their own.




After working under covers for Ferrari and gaining attention, the brand Pininfarina finally got a shot at producing its very first car. Under the guidance of Mahindra, Pininfarina debuted with a bang. The manufacturers claim the Battista to be the fastest electric hypercar on earth. The Battista is one of the most elegant design implementation in the industry. While most manufacturers go for outlandish downright overtly obnoxious look, the Battista retains the eloquent appeal of itself. The interior will be a custom for every owner and will different from one another. Powering the Battista is a 120 kWh lithium battery which car procure staggering 1,900 hp of power and 2,300 Nm of torque. The car also offers a range of 450 kms which is impressive with a top speed of 350 kph. Brake specialist Brembo, has developed special 6 piston carbon ceramic brakes (390 mm at the front and 380 mm at the rear) for the Battista. The Battista is expected to get a solid $ 2 million price tag.




Deemed as the Vision X concept earlier, Skoda showcased its smaller production SUV yet. Based on VW’s T-Cross platform, the Kamiq carriers over various design trades from the brand’s lineup. Up front, it gets split headlamps with LED daytime running lamps and dynamic indicators. At its centre is a typical Skoda grille with honeycomb mesh finished air dam. The Kamiq features the Skoda letters spelled out on the boot instead of the Skoda, with a wedge shaped wraparound taillights with integrated LED elements at the rear. The interior of the Kamiq is more or less similar to the entire lineup and is supposed to house three engine options: 1.0-litre TSI in two states of tune – 95PS/175Nm and 115PS/200Nm; 1.5-litre TSI churning out 150PS/250Nm; and the 1.6-litre TDI pumping out 115PS/250Nm.


Vision iV Concept:

The Skoda Vision iV Concept is the first all-electric vehicle from the Czech automobile manufacturer and it gives us a glimpse into the future of electric vehicles from Skoda. The concept is a build up towards a final production variant which will surface in the year 2021. It features a typical crossover-coupe design stance with signature Skoda design traits. A horizontal LED strip that connects the LED headlamps runs across the entire front section of the car. The Skoda Vision iV Concept is powered by a liquid cooled 82kWh, lithium-ion battery which is mounted between the axles. Two electric motors on either end collectively produces 302 bhp of power. The makers claim the concept to come with a range of over 500 kms with an option to fast charge the vehicle. The makers also claim a level 3 autonomy when launched.




The only brand representing India making finally unveiled its premium hatchback at the motor show. Tagged as the Altroz, the new unveiled is based on the concept codenamed as 45X which was showcased at the 2018 AutoExpo. The Impact Design 2.0 styling helped the makers nearly 80 percent of the concept in production. The massive upswept headlamps blends well with the Tata’s new ‘smiling grille’ looks, while and equally proportional fog lamps integrated with DRL’s reside underneath the structure. The black window line recedes towards the end and wraps the tail lights along, giving a complete robust appeal. The Tata Altroz is based on brand’s new ALFA architecture that can accommodate multiple body styles. The car will be launched with a choice of three engine options : a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine, a 1.2 litre turbo petrol and a 1.5 litre turbo diesel. While the 1.2 naturally aspirated engine is borrowed from Tata Tiago, the diesel engine will be reworked from the Nexon. Tata is leaving no stone unturned for gaining brand a global reputation.

Tata Motors


Earlier codenamed H7X, the Tata Buzzard is the brand’s new flagship SUV which will sit on top of the Harrier. Built on the OMEGA platform, a derivative of Land Rover’s D8 platform, the Buzzard is a longer version of the Harrier. The Buzzard sports a striking resemblance to the Harrier and is almost similar in design on both, exterior as well as interior. However, the company claims to make few iterations on both ends to differentiate the two. Powering the Buzzard is the same 2.0 litre Kryotec diesel engine from the Harrier but will be retreated to produce more power at 170 hp instead of 140 hp. The engine will be paired to the same 6 speed manual and is rumoured to also get Hyundai sourced 6 speed torque convertor automatic later. The car will soon be a replacement to brand’s current flagship, Hexa.

The manufacturer also showcased two concepts:

Tata H2X SUV concept and Tata Altroz EV. While the former is on its nascent stages of production and is tagged as a small SUV. The H2X will reside between the Tiago and Nexon in brand’s lineup. The latter however, is brand’s step into EV segment. The Alturoz EV is brand’s attempt and claim to be the first Indian manufactured electric hatchback.


ID Buggy Concept:

VW’s Dune Buggy is company’s attempt with electric modernity shot of nostalgia. Ever so popular in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, the Buggy was one of the most selling cars in the world. With the same sentiments in mind, the brand is now considering to reintroduce the buggy with an electric twist. Aesthetically, the buggy remains to be similarly designed as the original however has gained in dimension and along with it some technological titbits. The interior of the buggy is even ahead of present standards as is served with all capacitive touch and 21 screens. Not much technical details have been revealed by the brand but promises to provide an all terrain range of over 300 kms in between charge. The brand also stated the new buggy to be highly cost effective and user friendly to aid in lowering the carbon footprint.

2020 Touareg:

The largest automobile manufacturer also showcased its most powerful production. The 2020 Touareg gets major updates with more aggressive styling and less stated design cues. However, what calls for attention is addition of a massive 4.0 litre, V8, turbodiesel engine capable of producing 416 bhp of power and massive 900 Nm of torque. The car shares its engine with the Audi Q7. The car will make its appearance in the European markets later this year with bleak chances of going over to India.

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