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June 27th, 2016

We all want to be different, want to be recognized for it and thrive all over lives to be unique in the crowd of billions like us who roam in this planet. It is just for that reason, we mankind created culture, traditions, religion, countries, clans and what not. However, much as we would want, but this is not a place to go all philosophical about life as it is, but we would surely take this,  desire of being different, one among the billions and talk about how it grows inside us petrol heads as well. Among the uncountable examples of automobiles that have ever been created in the industry more than a century old history, there are only a few machines in this world which are truly are unique. These cars are above the very low volume rare beauties we have drooled over always for these cars are examples of mans desires to be rare among the rarest and to have his or her own individuality projected to the world wth a one-off car. These one off cars are a hand-crafted intersection of love and technology and are epitomes of individual speed and style. Here are 5 Best One off Cars e can think off right now.

5 Best One off Cars

Pininfarina P4/5

Starting off our list of  5 Best One off Cars is a car that we all have loved for years now. Before La Ferrari came along to claim the throne as the flagship ‘The’ Ferrari, it was the car named after the iconic Italian supercar makers name that stood tall as the most heartfelt and advanced Ferrari of its times, the Ferrari Enzo. Saying that, if we had one of those ultra rare Enzo’s in your garage we would have said that our life goals were complete, however, certain Mr. James Glickenhaus wanted more than just a ‘normal’ Ferrari Enzo, so he ordered Pininfarina to rebuild one into a much lighter and a faster super car and the result was this stunning retro-futuristic P4/5.

Pininfarina P4/5 - One Off Cars

Jaguar XJ13

The next car in our 5 Best One off Cars is the pure example of brilliance by Jaguar, the jaguar XJ13. Built in 1966, with a sole target to win at Le Mans the XJ13 was never raced. It had a ready to race Le Mans spec version of Jaguar’s 5.0-liter V-12 that was placed just behind the driver’s seat.  Only one piece of this car was ever made and that to be lucky to have survived when one of its magnesium wheel was destroyed at speeds well in above triple digits during promotional filming in 1971. After some years, the car was found again and was restored to its glory and it can be found at the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Collection, if you want to have a look at it.

Jaguar XJ13 - One Off Cars

Courtesy: Conceptcarz.com

Alfa Romeo TZ3

We have never met anyone or have heard about anyone who would not have found the Alfa 8C utterly gorgeous but then someone had some nice stuff to drink and gave the world this stunner! The Alfa Romeo TZ3, and hey that ‘someone’ was one other than Zagato and as per them, this one-off car was created as an ode to the 100 years of races and victories across the whole 20th century. For sure it proved it point and it would be a crime if it did not feature in this list of 5 Best One off Cars.

Alfa Romeo TZ3 - One Off Cars


Only recently the world got to see for the first time a car that could have rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest supercar icons of the times that mattered. The BMW M8 is our next car in our 5 Best One off Cars list and was a car that BMW built for test purposes and there is only one piece of it there is. It was fitted with a angrier and more powerful version of BMW’s M70 V-12 engine. It was to go head to head with the offerings from the likes of Ferrai however, the project was shelved when the BMW management decided that its market didn’t exist (oh come on! Seriously!). The car was locked away deep in the bowels of the BMW factory, supposedly never to be seen again but hen, one fine day the world woke up to its existence.

BMW M8 - One Off Cars

Courtesy: Autocar

Marcos Mantis XP

The last car in our list of 5 Best One off Cars is none other than the outlandish Mantis XP by Marcos that the world got to see in 1968. The car was built for the 1000 KM race at Spa. Sadly there were some electrical gremlins that meant the car could not finish the race. It was powered by a BRM-Repco V-8, and whoever saw it must have believed that aliens do exist and have arrived on earth in that car only.

Marcos Mantis XP - One Off Cars

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