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Porsche Singapore recently decided to create five bespoke Macans, each in a unique livery that harks back to one of Porsche’s iconic Le Mans racers. While I think that these liveries would go much better (and be more logical) on the brand’s full-fat sportscar-for-the-road Porsche 911 models… It’s understandable that this sales-and-marketing-led effort is poised towards inculcating Porsche’s motorsport heritage on the everyday sort of bloke, and not the enthusiast. That’s all right though, we¬†get the drift. H/TPorsche MacansSource

The Five Porsche Le Mans Racers

Porsche 917 in Rossi and Martini liveries 1. Porsche 917 in Rossi and Martini liveries is one of the most popular motorsport liveries that has been on Porsche racing cars since the two companies came together in 1968. Image Source
Porsche 917/20 the Pink Pig livery

2. Porsche 917/20 the “Pink Pig” livery was raced at Le Mans in 1971 where it raced the first 12 hours of the 24 hour race before crashing due to worn out brake pads. Image Source

Porsche 917 in baby blue and orange Gulf Oil livery3. Porsche 917 in baby blue and orange Gulf Oil livery that was used in the 1971/ 71 Le Mans 24 hour race, while also being used in the 1971 Steve McQueen “Le Mans” film. More on the Porsche 917 here. Image SourcePorsche 917K in Salzburg Design livery 4. Porsche 917K in Salzburg Design livery that went on to win at Le Mans. More here. Image SourcePorsche 956 in Rothmans livery5. The Porsche 956 in Rothmans livery was the successor to the Porsche 936 at Le Mans that ended up winning the 1982, 83′ 24 hours race. Image Source

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