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July 31st, 2017

You would have seen the polished production level videos of 70 years of Ferrari at Goodwood already, but this video takes you closer to how it felt walking around all those iconic Ferrari’s!

At the recently concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed, the most significant talk was the 70 Years of Ferrari at Goodwood being at this prestigious venue and event. Here, Maranello brought 70 of their scarlet stallions from its 70 years at Goodwood to come over and join the happenings. The collection of cars included Ferrari’s competition sports cars, single-seaters, an amazing collection of some of the greatest Ferrari road cars, all the way up to their latest stable-mates.

Now, they have been quite a few official videos of the above mentioned produced and promoted by both Ferrari and Goodwood, but the below video arrives from a YouTube user Kenmsaito who had visited the event. The video although might be a bit blur sometimes, does give out a perfect experience of being there as you walk through a lane with a staggering collection of iconic Ferrari’s from last 70 years parked on both sides of it.

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