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October 7th, 2019

It is hard to argue that the Jaguar XJ220 is one of the most incredible machine made by the British carmaker in recent times, albeit not the most successful. It has been the automotive equivalent to Kubrick’s movies that were never understood or appreciated when they came out, but gathered a cult following over the years. It’s a similar story here, in fact, a bit more grueling as the Jaguar XJ220 struggled to even sell the 282 examples set for production back in the nineties. Fast forward to today and the Jaguar XJ220 is hailed as one of the most important supercars to have ever been built. Afterall, remember that it was this machine that held the official record for “the fastest car in the world” until the McLaren F1 came out. This nearly-new example here with just 7,800km on the odo is number 77 of 282 cars that were built as is heading up for sale at the RM Sotheby’s Abu Dhabi sale this November. Photos by Ryan Merrill for RM Sotheby’s

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