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May 3rd, 2016

In a world drenched in the legacy and the stardom of the iconic Land Rovers of the past and of present that we have almost forgotten some brilliant 4X4’s of the bygone era that were just as capable and rugged as the ones from Land Rover. Among the lost, less known ones was the Fiat Campagnola, and it was Fiat’s answer to the Land Rover. First produced by Fiat way back in 1951, the Fiat Campagnola saw its first update in 1974 and since 1975 the car has seen itself been delivered to every Italian armed service in many versions with standard or long wheelbase and canvas or hard top.

Fiat Campagnola Front Three Quarter

The one you see in the pictures is what was known as the “Nuova Campagnola” or the updated Fiat Campagnola that arrived in 1974 and was produced until 1987, it was delivered in 1985 as a brand new vehicle to Fuoco Volontari di Cimego which is Italian for Cimego Volunteer Fire Department and it continued its fire fighting service till 2009 when it was sold by the government to a German car dealer. It was after the German Dealer purchased the car, this Fiat Campagnola was sold to an American Collector in Carolina who has seldom used this classic 4X4, with the meter reading a mere 12,745km.

Fiat Campagnola Rear

This remarkably original Fiat Campagnola has never been repainted or has been restored comes with the factory hardtop and will go for auction at ‘The Finest Automobile Auctions’ April Online Auctions and is expected to fetch anywhere around $25000 to $45000.

Fiat Campagnola Interior

So, If you ever desired of being a firefighter but still wanted to be super cool while being at it, then you know that this is what you always needed. All you need to do is to make your auction call count and let us know if you would take this Fiat Campagnola over an old Land Rover.

As always, do comment your views below!

Fiat Campagnola Dynamic

Fiat Campagnola Engine

Fiat Campagnola Front Bench Seat

Fiat Campagnola

Fiat Campagnola Radio

Fiat Campagnola Rear Door

Fiat Campagnola Rear Three Quarter

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