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February 27th, 2017

997 Porsche to blast-from-the-past, Bosozoku-style.

While it doesn’t look like any Porsche that might have come out in recent years, there are many reasons why one would want such a conversion. The company behind this truly one-of-a-kind conversion kit for the 997 Porsche (2008-2012) 911 goes by the name Old & New (quite aptly) and comes from Japan, the same place RWB was born before becoming the talking point of the Porsche tuning scene worldwide. Like RWB, Old and New are focused about the Porsche models they pick for tuning.

The bodykit is designed to be fitted to 997 Generation Porsche 911s, while the inspiration for the kit itself comes from the legendary Porsche 935 that single-handedly turned the world of customer racing over and on its backside, going on to win the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Out of the total 370 races that the Porsche 935 entered in, it won 123. This incredible success resulted in a high demand for a road-going version of the racing car for which the company eventually created the “Flachbau” or Flat Nose in plain English, based on the 930 Porsche 911.

Old & New’s 997 Porsche body kit changes almost every exterior panel of the car excluding the hood, doors, roof and glasshouse. From the front, there is no doubt that the resemblance with the Porsche 935 is quite striking and merge very well into the modern tail section of the 997 Porsche.

1978 Porsche 935 ‘Moby Dick’. ©Porsche

As photos on the company’s somewhat unfinished website suggest, there aren’t pop-up headlights on the conversion it, possibly due to modern day safety standards. Instead, this 997 Porsche Flatnose comes with two large round headlights integrated in the front bumper, along with a pair of daytime running lights. In typical Japanese style, the rear wheel arches get massive flares on them while the rear gets a gargantuan Bosozoku-style rear wing.

The result of the conversion is a 997 Porsche 911 that’s head and heels above your everyday Porsche bodykit. No only does it pay homage to the iconic 80s Porsche, but also attempts to bring back the racing legend in the most modern way possible.

Images: ©Old and New

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