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September 5th, 2017

Meet Martin Klauka, an avid adventurer with a passion for motorcycles. Martin started travelling the world back in 2009. Everything started with a trip to Australia. On his way back, he decided to stop by Bangkok and take on several smaller trips. One of them involved a trip through Vietnam, where he got introduced to the biking world. His passion for the two-wheeled machine grew from there, and he hasn’t stopped travelling the world by bike since. Now though, he’ll be bringing a companion on his journeys.

Several months ago, Martin found a small and exhausted kitten near his apartment in Rosenheim. He knew he couldn’t just leave her there, so he took her in his home. Mogli, as he so affectionately named her, started getting better and soon she was back in top shape. Not wanting to leave her behind, Martin decided to take her to his next big adventure. To prepare, he strapped her on top of the fuel tank of his Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin where, to his surprise, Mogli remained calm and composed.

The two will set off on a journey from Germany to Dubai, a trip which will take several months and will see them cross fifteen different countries.  From there, Martin plans to continue to Nepal, India and the Himalayas. We wish Martin and Mogli all the best in their travels.


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