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November 14th, 2017

Most car enthusiasts would love nothing more than to have a car for every situation and purpose, but few have the ability to do so. Manufacturers have chased this “all-purpose” performance car for decades, but for the last thirty years few cars have represented this ideal more effectively than the BMW M3.

For Hassan, a Dallas-based Physician, his F80 M3 serves exactly this purpose: a be-anything, do-anything machine that meets all of his needs simultaneously. In his younger years as an amateur musician, his Mitsubishi 3000GT fit his lifestyle perfectly. As a doctor with kids and a commute, however, a sports car didn’t fit the bill. His previous BMW 550i M Sport handled the commuting duties with ease, but it felt a bit dull when pushed and showed both its size and weight despite BMW’s valiant attempts to conceal them. In short, it was too much Dr. Jekyll and not enough Mr. Hyde.

A replacement was in order: something nimbler and responsive, but no less comfortable. It needed to be quiet enough for his daughter to fall asleep in the backseat, but still manage to keep his interest when driving spiritedly on backroads. Like many who have become converts or have stayed loyal to the brand, Hassan also appreciates the tremendous value that the BMW M3 has to offer.

In his 2017 F80 M3, he found all of these qualities satisfied and hasn’t looked back. It was his son, Murad, who actually directed his interest toward the M3. An enthusiast for as long as he can remember, Murad had always wanted his father to take a step up to a truer sports car. He was the one who nudged him towards his first test drive of the M3. Luckily for Murad, Hassan immediately took a liking to the car and placed an order in the fall of 2016. The incredible community of owners and aftermarket support for the M3 were definite advantages, but ultimately it was the sheer sense of performance that makes the Bavarian machine it a winner.

Working together on nailing down the perfect specification for their car, Hassan and Murad went back-and-forth a few times before ultimately deciding on a Sakir Orange paint with a red leather interior. A bit of a stand out from the sea of black and silver M3s running around the city. In the vibrant light of a dramatic Dallas sunrise she does stand out perfectly… Being enthusiasts who wanted to stand out from the run-of-the-mill M3, they quickly started upgrading the car. Black wheels and grills came first, followed quickly by a carbon fiber trunk lip and carbon front splitter by Dinmann. These cosmetic upgrades added just the aggression they were looking for in an already striking car.

Hassan is thrilled with the way his M3 drives and looks, but perhaps most valuable are the experiences he has been able to share with his children through the car. Hassan and Murad have always been regular attendees at a number of local car meets, but with the M3 they can move from attendees to participants. Cars are gateways to experiences and memories, and they have already shared countless great memories driving and sharing the M3. Even his seven-year-old daughter isn’t left out of the fun.  When we met up just before sunrise on a Saturday morning to take photos, she tagged along, strapped into a car seat in the back of the M3. While Murad and I talked cars and arranged the car for photos, Hassan played with his daughter in the field adjacent. Truth be told, cars aren’t Hassan’s biggest passion. He has liked cars ever since his first car, the aforementioned 3000GT, and his appreciation for them has only grown over the years but they aren’t his be-all end-all. He would tell you his biggest hobbies are photography and music, but it’s clear on this Saturday morning that family stands atop the list.

The M3 is a fun toy, no doubt.  The signature M3 cold-start never fails to put a smile on Hassan’s face and during on-call days he admits taking full advantage of all the 425 horsepower the twin-turbo inline-six has to offer. He appreciates how the car is endlessly configurable, where a few clicks would change its entire character… Everything from suspension settings to a sharper throttle response, to the ferocity of the gearbox. The M3 is a special machine in itself as a package. Add to that a father’s joy of sharing his son’s passion, it quickly becomes priceless.

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