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May 7th, 2017

Ferrari Formula One V12 engine will always be the thing to raise the hair at the back of your neck.

The Ferrari F1 412 T2 came at a time when Maranello was struggling to get their footing back in the fight for title in the 1995 Formula 1 championship season. The 412 T2 was an upgrade of the T1, where in both cases, the “T” stood for Transversely mounted gearbox to improve the car’s weight distribution. Ferrari with Jean Alesi and Gerard Berger were somewhat successful, earning 73 points that put them third in the Constructors standing for the 1995 season.

This video comes from Ferrari’s Corsa Clienti held at the Monza circuit, shot by NM2255 on YouTube and is the glorious symphony from the past from one of the best sounding Ferrari Formula One engines. Post the F1 412 T2, Ferrari switched to a 3.0-litre V10 with the Ferrari F301. While still a glorious sounding engine as compared to today’s hybrid V6 turbos, there is no denying that even after the F1 412 T2 had it’s engine capacity reduced from 3.5-litre to 3.0-litre, the V12 sings a much higher orchestra as compared to any other Ferrari Formula One engine.

Video & Feature image: NM2255 on YouTube

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