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May 8th, 2018

In the heart of Dallas, amidst the ever-growing city is a corner where classic American motoring comes alive with its own distinct flair. This place is the brainchild of one man, his imagination, his hard work and his dedication to bring out something so incredibly amazing that it has become a phenomenon world over. Richard Rawlings is that man, the genius behind Gas Monkey Garage who has spawned an empire out of his skills of keenly spotting interesting classic cars, restoring them and flipping them as the crew awaits the next project. Today, Rawlings’ show Fast N’ Loud goes out to more than 200 countries around the world with each episode garnering upwards of 2.5 million viewers who enjoy every bit of the experience Richard has to share with them.

While it all looks like glitter and shine on the top, its a lot of hard work. Richard, who started off working multiple jobs while he was in his teens, just to give himself some good wheels, went on to setup a print and advertising business. He quickly turned a profit by selling it to the right buyer. Instead of going to splurge his new-earned cash, Richard decided to start Gas Monkey Garage, a place where some of the world’s best hot rods and custom classic cars would soon be made, sold and shipped worldwide.

Rawlings isn’t a business man. He is in fact a true-to-the-core car guy above being an entrepreneur who fell in love with American classic cars when he was 14… and never looked back. Like every person who truly believes in his passion, Richard started off small, building up Gas Monkey Garage step by step to what it is today. Today while walking the workshop floor, you get a feeling of things coming full circle. The walls are covered with a collection of classic American automobilia, in the centre there are gorgeous hot rods and custom classics from Richard’s collection, while the merchandise store has everything a car guy would dream of having his own name or brand on to – Gas Monkey-branded tequila, energy drinks and merchandise that you would have to control yourself from going overboard.

Visiting Gas Monkey Garage gave me an insight into Richard’s way of life around his love for cars. His idea of being a car guy is not of the kinds where some rich guy goes to an exotic car showroom and buys off the most expensive toy he can find off the shelf. Instead, his love for cars clearly comes in the way they are crafted out of metal, the meticulous details and the never-ending customisation possibilities that can be done with them. He loves being hands-on with each and every one of his vehicles, overseeing that all the details are exactly is exactly how they are supposed to look and feel. Gas Monkey Garage is a culmination of dream, meticulously crafted and custom curated by one of the best minds in the business. I love it, and I am grateful to the team to give me a tour of this gorgeous gorgeous location.

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