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December 3rd, 2015

A shout out to all Death Star and Borg Cube fans for ThinkGeek have come with paper lanterns to light up your night. You heard us right; Death Star and Borg Cube will shine as paper lanterns in your office space or home in a corner making rather a ‘geeky’ panache. The defiance of who will be a general or ordinary paper lantern for an onlooker. However, if you are accompanied with a Star Wars aficionado, you will learn how this paper lantern’s shelly, crumbly paper boasts a design of the legendary series.

Paper lanterns by ThinkGeek round lit
Paper lanterns by ThinkGeek round not lit

Both, compatibly fit to fit anywhere in your crib or place of work or essentially its reception area are officially licensed and exclusively offered by ThinkGeek. 13 watt CFL bulb or a 40 watt incandescent bulb are recommended to be used with the globe shaped Death Star and cube shaped Borg Cube measure just about the same (24” and 18”). Besides these utter features, comes more common and user friendly foot-toggle on / off switch located on power cable for an obvious reason. Both, who are almost facsimiles of each other; since they come from the same fabled series include a carcass if you (a Star Wars fan) would rather mount them than place them on the floor. So the next time around of you see a paper lantern, you know where to look to find if there’s a Star Wars’ buff close by.

Paper lanterns by ThinkGeek both lit Paper lanterns by ThinkGeek cube switching on and off

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