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November 10th, 2016

If you are one of those who really, really, really want to get into the whole cafe racer game then there isn’t a better time then 2017 to do so. Cafe Racers and Scramblers have been the theme of new launches in 2016. From BMW creating the R NineT Cafe Racer to Ducati bringing their Scrambler to the same low-slung configuration, and even Triumph bringing the heat with their new Street Cup, it was quite obvious that more follow suit. This time around it’s Yamaha, who have combined their special relation with Abarth (MotoGP) to bring out the Abarth Yamaha cafe racer XSR900.

2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 Right Side Profile Full

2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 Front Burnout

For those who fancy imagining themselves clad in Bell Moto 3 or Bullitt helmet, wearing a cool leather jacket and full grain street gloves, the Abarth Yamaha XSR900 cafe racer is the best looking motorcycle to do it on. On the face of things, the Abarth Yamaha cafe racer XSR900 is a neat throwback to the heritage motorcycle that the Japanese motorcycle maker used to make back in the golden age of motoring. The good thing here is that unlike the BMW R NineT cafe racer, Yamaha hasn’t really dumbed down the motorcycle in terms of its overall performance. You still get chunky adjustable upside down forks, traction control, ABS and a slipper clutch. Combine these properties with a meaty 850cc, 3-cylinder crossplane crank engine engine means that the motorcycle will deliver strong performance to go with the retro-fantastic looks.

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And thats not all. The Yamaha XSR900 cafe racer also features exotic materials in its overall build. The retro-styled front cowl made by Abarth is made in carbon fibre while the seat is made of high quality suede. Even the front fender and the rear seat cowl is made in carbon fibre. The XSR900 cafe also gets an Akrapovic titanium full exhaust system that is surely going to compliment the motorcycle’s character with a throaty note.

2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 With Fiat 500 2

All the performance and handling bits, along with Abarth special carbon fibre components on the Abarth Yamaha XSR900 cafe racer would indicate that this machine wouldn’t come cheap. While the company hasn’t yet announced any pricing, it is going to be available in a 695-unit limited run edition for which an online reservation process for 95 units will start at 1400hrs CET on January 17,2017 via Yamaha’s website. The remaining 600 units will be available through Yamaha dealerships from April 2017 onwards. The new Abarth Yamaha XSR900 cafe racer ties in the core ideologies of the brand’s Faster Sons with hints of performance and style that comes from one of Italy’s most dedicated tuning houses. And you can expect to get some special, limited-edition Abart VIP treatment with these motorcycles as well.

Abarth Yamaha XSR900 Cafe Racer Features

  • Liquid-cooled, 850cc, in-line, 3-cylinder
  • Traction control system and Assist & Slipper Clutch
  • Exclusive Abarth grey/red colour scheme
  • Swallow ‘clip-on style’ handlebars for sporty riding position
  • Sports solo seat with suede cover and red stitching
  • Lightweight carbon seat cowl and front fender
  • Full Akrapovič exhaust with titanium double slip-on muffler
  • Sporty license plate holder
  • Limited edition of 695 units, each with an aluminium numbered plaque
  • Abarth logos on tank, carbon front fender and seat cowl

2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 Front Right Action Lean 2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 Front Left Action Lean 2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 Burnout 2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 Left Front Quarters Action 2017 Abarth Yamaha XSR900 Cafe Racer Right Rear Actoin 2017 Abarth Yamaha Cafe Racer XSR900 Front Right Action 2017 Abarth Yamaha XSR900 Cafe Racer Front Left Quarters 2017 Abarth Yamaha XSR900 Cafe Racer Left Side Profile

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