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on May 19th, 2017

Established in 1938, Ace Cafe was initially a transport café located on North Circular Road on the outskirts of London, UK. Being a 24-hours’ café, it attracted many travellers, mainly truckers who were looking for simple homemade food, coffee or a rest stop. But as motorcycling culture and automobile industry in the UK progressed, soon hordes of bikers riding their Triumphs, Nortons, BSAs, Royal Enfields, etc. quickly made Ace Cafe their second home.

In 1939, the cafe added a service station with ten pumps, a huge washing bay, showroom and repair shop on its premises. Unfortunately though, during the Second World War the café was demolished only to be resurrected again in 1949 within the same estate. The term ‘Café Racer’ was coined in the early 60’s when riders in the UK raced each other on the North Circular road from one cafe to the other or just hangout at one of the many transport cafés on the route. And Ace Café soon emerged as one of the most preferred cafés amongst the bikers in the UK. Around the seventies, Ace Cafe became a hub for rock ‘n’ roll music and biker gatherings, particularly for cafe racer riders, who were also referred to as ‘Rockers’ – due to their love for rock music. Owing to the combination of motorbikes and rock ‘n’ roll music, Ace Cafe gave birth to many famous racers and rock bands.

Video: Birth of The Café Racer

In the motorcycling world, Ace Cafe is a brand in itself and several bikers around the globe ride down to visit this legendary hangout of the old school biker boys where the cafe racer story took birth and grew. Now as the brand moves closer to complete 80-years of its existence, the Ace Cafe is crossing continents and expanding its footprint starting with its new branch now open in Orlando, USA.

Ace Cafe Orlando in photos

A friendly place where people meet to express their passion for bikes, cars, speed and rock ‘n’ roll music, the Ace Cafe is the ultimate hangout! Weekend festivals, joy rides and biker gatherings are just few of the multitude of activities that will go down at the newly opened outlet in the USA. With an enormous area of about 35,000 square foot done up neatly to please the motorcycle fanatics, this is one place that is going to be buzzing with motorcycle banter and bar talks all through the year!

Ace Cafe London in Photos

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